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ASK WNW: Wasting CruiserWeights? Omega In WWE Next Year? Removal Of Championships? Cody Rhodes Better Off In The Independent Scene?

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Welcome back everyone to this week's installment of ASK WNW! This is where we take your submitted questions and answer them! If you want a question answered, make sure to submit them via on our FaceBook or submit your questions to my Twitter @mcclureryan18 

Is WWE wasting their Cruiserweight Division?

The launch of 205 Live, or better known as the Enzo Amore experiment, was a nightmare. Since the new booking of 205 Live and with Triple H taking over the brand work, it has been spotlighted as some of the best in-ring work each week for the company of WWE. With that said, there is too much damage to this division, and it proves that it will be hard to recover from.

What are the chances of seeing Kenny Omega in WWE after the recent comments he has made about his dream matches?

Omega is an interesting topic, especially a hot topic within the past two years as him and the Young Bucks have proven that they do not need a corporate machine behind them to be successful in the world of professional wrestling. For Omega, he is interesting because he loves to tell a story and his vision of wrestling. When WWE made him an offer last year, he chose to stay with New Japan Pro Wrestling because he stated that there was unfinished business. Now after capturing the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, and going back to the Golden Lovers team with Ibushi, there isn't many boxes to check off at this point in his career in New Japan. Kenny has been very vocal and critical with the less than stellar booking of their U.S. Expansion. Ultimately, the ball will be in Kenny Omega's court as it will be his decision to leave and join WWE, along with there being a lot of money waiting for him.

If you could get rid of any WWE Championship Belt from Raw, Smackdown, or NXT, which would it be and why?

In my opinion, I would not take any belts out of the company as I feel like there is a good balance with them, minus the fact that we have only seen the WWE Universal Championship about ten times this year.

Do you believe Cody Rhodes will return to WWE down the road, or is he better off in the Independent Scene?

Cody Rhodes will be back to the WWE, just not anytime soon. He has made himself a bigger star since leaving the company in 2016 as well as a tremendous business man, along with marketing himself amazingly. He has also had outside booking in the film and entertainment business. Rhodes is doing just fine without WWE, and he has also is an example that there is no need for a corporate machine to be successful.

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