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Ask WNW: WWE Off-Season, Plans For Braun Strowman, Faith In Cruiserweights, Dual-Brand PPV's

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Hello everyone and welcome back to the popular Ask WNN! This article is where your questions are answered every Monday! 

With all the recent injuries, do you think WWE will ever have an off-season?

Unfortunately, I do not see WWE having an off-season. Now, I'm not saying that wouldn't be a good idea, but it's the name of the game. WWE produces product 365 days of the year, and makes money. As for the injuries, and for them being so frequent, the superstars know what they have gotten themselves into. Injuries are part of the business. They work over 300 days a year, and injuries are bound to happen. With that being said, Vince wouldn't dare to set up an off-season for WWE, but never say never.

Is there a set plan for Braun Strowman heading into WrestleMania?

There have been a few scenarios for Braun Strowman going into WrestleMania. At first, it seemed like seeds were planted at this past Survivor Series, where Triple H crossed Team Raw, and one the match himself. Strowman went on to attack Hunter with two power slams. That was discussed for a while, and were penciled in. Plans do change though, and the most recent discussed match for Strowman is a feud with The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship at Wrestlemania. I'm curious to see what plays out after Elimination Chamber, and the picture will be more clear in terms of what direction Braun will be headed in.

Do you think WWE has any faith in the Cruiserweights as long-term superstars?

When WWE brought back the Cruiserweights, and after watching the CWC, I had extremely high expectations. After they brought them back as part of the Raw roster, and creating 205 Live, you would think WWE wants these guys as long-term superstars. In my opinion, I can't say that I agree. Look at Neville for example, he brought prestige to the division, as did Austin Aries. The two weren't being booked as they should have been, and now they're both gone. That was a huge loss for WWE. Then they brought Enzo Amore into the mix, and that trickled down fairly quick, and is no longer apart of the the company. WWE has great talent in the Cruiserweights, but I feel as if they treat them as nothing but filler, and just more product for WWE.

With WWE jointing Raw and Smackdown Live again for PPV's after WrestleMania, Will WWE make the PPV's longer?

WWE will be cutting a huge amount of network specials going forward after WrestleMania. That means, both brands will have to share the specials every month. As for the length of the PPV's, they are listed as three hours long, which is about the usual run for a PPV. I figured WWE would go back to this plan, as two specials a month is a bit of overkill. I see it as a good thing, but also a bad thing. For the good, it allows the WWE to focus on that one show of the month for both brands, and it also will cost less. I had times where I looked at the dates, and ask myself what is the next PPV coming up. I couldn't keep up with two specials a month, as I feel they are too much. On the negative side of things, they're going to have to cram in both shows into three hours. I'm assuming their either going to cut people out of the shows, or make certain feuds short, along with the matches. Only time will tell.

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