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ASK WNW: WWE Running Same Cities For PPV’s? Update On Undertaker’s Status, WWE Adding more Titles? NXT Call-Ups


Welcome back everyone for your weekly ASK WNW! Make sure to leave your comments or questions down below! 

Why does WWE stay in the same cities for bigger ppv’s instead of going elsewhere?

I wouldn’t say WWE runs the same city each year for their bigger PPV’s. What they try to do is capitalize on the biggest markets which would be New York and Los Angeles. For a while, we saw a run of SummerSlam in Los Angeles, then moved to the New York area. With WrestleMania going to New York next year, SummerSlam will go to another city or possibly LA again. PPV’s rotate, which means they’re not locked for certain cities each year.

With Undertaker’s next appearance scheduled, is this a sign for more to come from the Deadman?

With the recent appearances the Undertaker has made this year, I won’t look much into it besides the fact that his body is feeling good, health wise. The Undertaker and WWE are capitalizing on this as much as they can. Looking at the WrestleMania match the Undertaker has had with John Cena and the casket match he has had with the Rusev, they were very short. I wouldn’t consider those matches but more so the Undertaker being in the ring. Long-term-wise, I think we will see one more match with the Undertaker at WrestleMania and then the rest is unknown.

Should WWE add more titles to their brands? 

Looking back on WWE‘s record they have made a less than stellar job to their titles. Look at the US and the IC titles for example. In the past WWE hasn’t really brought too much prestige to those championships. Sure, Seth Rollins might have brought some, but the mid card titles tend to get lost in the shuffle. Personally, I wouldn’t add any more titles.

Who do you see being called-up next from NXT?

There are a couple of factors WWE looks for when they call somebody up from NXT. One, who is the main roster ready? Number two, who can NXT afford to lose? If you look, there’s not many people who could be called up. Adam Cole? Sure, but they want him to have a lengthy run as an NXT champion. At this point, if I had to pick, it would have to be Aleister Black or Johnny Gargano. What else did they have left to do in NXT?

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