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The Authority Back Too Soon, Ryback Reboot, Cesaro Bombs, Legends Contracts

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With The Authority off of our screens for just 5 weeks, does this make the whole Survivor Series angle a bait-and-switch?

I didn’t like the way WWE reintroduced The Authority on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw. Also if I remember correctly, didn’t Vince McMahon say Stephanie and Triple H would be stuck to desk jobs in Stamford if they were removed from power? Regardless of the logic gap, bringing The Authority back just over a month from their removal does seem to nullify the stipulation at Survivor Series. We can all speculate that WWE wants Hunter back on TV to program him with Sting at Wrestlemania 31, as the groundwork has clearly been laid, but did they have to do it this soon?

I also didn’t like how Seth Rollins was “holding Edge hostage” in the ring, only for Cena to “whisper The Authority’s reinstatement.” Hopefully WWE develops it more but I feel bringing The Authority back now is too soon and it was poorly executed. I continue to be impressed with the work of Seth Rollins, but once again, holding Edge hostage didn’t seem effective or believable.

My biggest gripe with the booking of the The Authority has been their insurmountable power, with little to nothing being able to stop them. Their quick "reinstatement" highlights that gripe in the biggest way possible.

What were your thoughts on Ryback’s promo on Raw following the nostalgic video package?

The Ryback reboot is going great and I believe he really helped himself on this week’s Monday Night Raw. This is a very clear example of good booking vs. bad booking. Ryback was greener a couple of years ago but I believe he could have gotten over at this level then if only he would have been given a little support. WWE seemed intent on damaging the Ryback character when they first pushed it in 2012 and now, we’re seeing what they should have been doing all along.

If WWE puts Ryback over Rusev it will be a huge rub but I believe Ryback has helped himself and proved a lot of doubters wrong. It’s a good story and he seems to be doing a lot better this time around. There will continue to be people that dislike Ryback for whatever reason but he appears to have turned a corner.

What were your thoughts on Cesaro’s promo on this week’s Raw?

I put the Ryback and Cesaro questions back-to-back for a reason. Talk about two workers going in opposite directions, Cesaro bombed in his promo prior to putting a returning Wade Barrett over. I can’t explain it but let’s be clear, WWE creative has done him no favors. His babyface turn was half-done, they tried to force him as a heel with Paul Heyman and they’ve never consistently got behind his character. I don’t understand why this is so hard to figure out. Start/stop booking doesn’t work and always does damage. Just like when they had Ryback mow through jobbers, only to continuously lose to CM Punk, there has been no confidence in Cesaro. It’s now to a point where I believe he’s trying too hard and it’s just not working. My thoughts on Cesaro’s promo? It wasn’t good.

What is a WWE Legends Contract?

This question is likely the result of it being reported that Kevin Nash has been suspended from his WWE Legends Contract until his domestic dispute is resolved. A Legends Contract is a deal WWE signs former talent to so they can use their name and likeness for merchandise and licensing opportunities. It gives the worker a chance to make some money without competing but is also restrictive, as WWE has to approve indy appearances.

From the Ask WNW vault…

March 2013: With the response the Chicago fans had chanting “feed me more” during Rob Terry’s match on this week’s Impact does this show how popular Ryback is and backs up his claim to deserve a heavyweight title run? - I’ll start by saying I noticed the “feed me more” chants from the Chicago crowd during Rob Terry’s match against Robbie E as well. My first reaction was, well we know the majority of fans are WWE fans. Ryback is over, despite being booked questionably, he is over. He wanted to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania but the push went to Jack Swagger. I heard he wasn’t happy about it and was pushing for a heel turn. One thing is clear, Ryback thinks he has what it takes to be “the guy” and wants an opportunity to prove it. I don’t know if you saw his comments here but he doesn’t think anyone has challenged John Cena for the top spot in WWE in the past decade. He also feels he has more to offer than Bill Goldberg. Ryback has the look and he is over but it will ultimately be up to Vince McMahon as to how far he’ll go.

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