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Babyface Miz, Why Kizarny Left WWE, Troubling Ratings, Slammy Awards

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What are your thoughts on Miz's face turn that he has been pulling off the last few weeks? I've been hearing a lot of people bad mouthing it without giving it what I think is a proper chance, while I think it has been doing just fine as of late.

I was told last week that WWE officials were already second-guessing The Miz's babyface turn. It's early give up on it and WWE has a history of giving up on turns too quickly, however, Miz is a natural heel. I like him better that way and haven't seen anything as a babyface that leads me to believe he will be a bigger babyface. That said, he's talented enough to get over as either but I'm not sure babyface Miz can surpass heel Miz.

Why did Kizarny leave the WWE? He obviously had a connection with Edge and he had beautifully strange gimmick - certainly one I hadn't seen before. What happened?

In June 2009 I spoke at length with Kizarny about his WWE release (interview here). He told me all of the producers gave him high marks on his matches and all of the writers were happy with his work. However, he told me that Vince McMahon was set on him as a babyface while everyone else felt he should be a heel. He was disappointed the company gave up on him so quickly but it's just how things happened.

Given the ratings slide and live attendance issues, when does WWE start dipping into their pot of elders (e.g.. The Rock, Austin, Lesnar etc.) to stoke interest?

The Rock and Brock Lesnar are expected to be back on television in early 2013. Rock is confirmed for Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber and Wrestlemania so it's coming. The ratings slide is troubling and highlights a myriad of problems that I could spend pages trying to highlight.

Do WWE workers care about the Slammy Awards? Are they awards that hail a worker's accomplishments or are they much like the HOF, whomever Vince thinks will draw an audience/make money wins the awards?

It's just a scripted reality show, nothing more and nothing less. The Slammy's aren't held in the same regard as the WWE Hall of Fame as it's more a promotional mechanism for end-of-the-year programming. It's a fun concept and adds value to otherwise throwaway television.

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