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Back Off TNA Haters, Armstrong Family, Cody Hall's Potential, Stephanie McMahon Stock Trades

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Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan

When is Dixie Carter going to realize that TNA Wrestling will never be as big as WWE. Why doesn't she just sell it?

Dixie Carter knows that TNA Wrestling isn't on the same level of WWE. There are thousands of independent pro wrestling promotions that run shows all the time, none of which even come close to the giant that is WWE. What gets lost in all the TNA opposition is the fact they are still the number two promotion in the world. Perhaps it has to do with frustration in that TNA has a national television deal, a loaded talent roster and a multimillion-dollar financial backer but TNA makes every promotion other than WWE small potatoes. As for selling TNA, that would be up to Dixie's parents, Bob and Janice Carter. They are the top of TNA's financial funnel and are the ones that have been pushing for costs to be cut across the board.

With Scott Armstrong being 'fired' on Monday, do you see The Road Dogg returning to the screen as part of the storyline?

The Triple H/McMahon family angle currently involves the Rhodes family as opposition so I could make a logical argument for it to also include the Armstrong family. I haven't heard about Road Dogg getting involved but that's a reasonable assumption to make given he works as a producer backstage.

Is there any interest in WWE in Cody Hall?

As far as I know WWE isn't interested in Cody Hall yet but you have to remember, he's still very green. He is big and athletic and has a tremendous advantage over normal kids his age trying to break in. Scott Hall has had his problems but no one has ever doubted his ability and impact to the wrestling business. Cody has access to all of Scott's resources and as long as he sticks to it, he has a very high ceiling.

Why is Stephanie McMahon unloading so much of her stock?

I had a slight meltdown on my Twitter account (located at on Wednesday where I voiced some of my pet peeves. One of those had to do with stock trades making news headlines. WWE is a publicly traded company. Shares of the company are bought and sold every day. The stock pays a dividend, meaning if someone owns it, they are paid an amount from every share they own each quarter. The difference between me or you and Stephanie McMahon is that Stephanie is a WWE executive. Because of her status, she is required by the SEC to report all of her stock transactions to avoid an insider advantage. Without making it complicated, stocks are bought when the price dips and are sold when the price rises, thus making a profit on the difference. Stephanie is selling stock and making a profit. This isn't news. It doesn't matter if she completely liquidates every share of her WWE stock. It's a publicly traded company and she, along with anyone else, is free to buy and sell as she chooses. This is also why WWE is required to report all of their financial information and keep the public informed with what is going on with the company.

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