Bad Luck For Zayn, Rock Supporting Eva Marie, Rusev Doomed?, Opportunity For Ambrose

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Sami Zayn injured in his debut match on WWE TV. Is this the worst luck ever?

For those that need caught up, WWE is reporting that Sami Zayn will undergo an MRI after suffering a shoulder injury in his United States Championship match against John Cena on Raw. The news surprised people with some even believing it could be a work. What I can tell you is that Zayn was rumored to have a shoulder issue that kept him out earlier this year but he denied that. He appeared to do something while pumping up the crowd in his pre-match celebration on this week's Raw.

Zayn stated in March that he was dealing with a minor medical issue that was not his shoulder, nor was it career-threatening. We have more in our Backstage News from Raw but let’s hope it’s nothing serious.

Have you seen The Rock coming out in support of Eva Marie. If so, what are your thoughts?

Yes, I saw it. For those that missed it, Eva Marie posted a lengthy “happy birthday” message to The Rock on Instagram and he followed up with a message to her. The mutual admiration society. I think it speaks volumes about Eva’s work ethic, her grit and her determination. Hopefully it will also back off some of the haters, although I’m not holding my breath.

While I’ll be the first to write Eva Marie wasn’t ready to wrestle when WWE threw her out there, I hated how quick fans were to vilify her. Some people in the IWC label someone their punching bag and just continue to lump criticism on that person. WWE has never pushed their female talent based on in-ring work and Eva Marie was brought in because of her look. She’s been working very hard with Brian Kendrick to improve her in-ring, she’s overcome addiction and is someone that I respect.

Good for The Rock for showing such class and good for Eva Marie for working hard. That was nice to see from both parties.

Do you consider Rusev’s match at WWE Payback against John Cena a “must-win” in order to solidify his status as a future top star?

I’ve already written how I believe the Rusev/John Cena program has gone on too long, remember it started in February. I’m not sure the outcome at WWE Payback means as much as some people think.

To recap, Rusev beat Cena at Fastlane. Cena returned the favor at Wrestlemania and Extreme Rules. Is this “even-steven” booking where Rusev gets the last one and is considered on the same level of Cena at Payback? Perhaps. But I’ll argue the match at Wrestlemania meant more than any of the others and I’ll give you an example.

Rusev has been referred to time and time again as the “2015 Bray Wyatt” because in 2014, it was Wyatt that Cena was working with. The booking has been eerily similar, as they exchanged victories (with Cena going over at Wrestlemania, Wyatt winning at Extreme Rules) and Cena beating Wyatt all over the European tour. But did it work?

No. WWE cooled on Wyatt to the point where they took him off TV and rebooted later in the year. So we can only hope for a different result with Rusev but it’s not like WWE is implementing a different booking strategy.

What are your thoughts on Dean Ambrose being added to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at WWE Payback?


There are a multitude of things in WWE that I’ll never understand but how badly they have booked Dean Ambrose is just unfathomable. He was over like rover when he returned from filming last summer but didn’t win a singles match on pay-per-view until Extreme Rules THIS YEAR!

After last week’s Raw, he was as directionless as ever. We wrote more about the change to the WWE Payback main event coming after vocal complaints at this link but it’s about time. As is the case with Rusev vs. Cena, let’s hope for a better result.

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