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Finn Balor On Main WWE Roster, "Breaking News," Booking Changes, Trump/WWE

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Do you think introducing Finn Balor as the number two entrant of the Royal Rumble and having him win it would be a good way to introduce him to the main roster?

I'm going to answer this in two parts. Yes, I absolutely believe the Royal Rumble is the best way to introduce Finn Balor to the main roster. The main roster is lacking baby face wrestlers right now and I think with the talent Balor has, and just how over he is with the crowd due to his reputation this would be the perfect time to bring him up. I believe a main roster call up is imminent and I feel he may drop the NXT Championship on Wednesday to Samoa Joe in London. If he does I would suggest that is a strong sign the call up is not far away.

However, I don't think he should win it in his first night on the job. Balor is a great wrestler, and he deserves all the success in the world. But I don't believe inserting him straight into the WWE World Heavyweight Championship picture is the right call. I'd prefer him to have a solid outing at the Rumble, with him perhaps staying in until around the final four to six before being eliminated. Then I'd prefer him to be built up over the next few months, winning either the United States or Intercontinental Championship in the process before going on to bigger things. Balor is more than capable of being a future WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but I feel it's too early to put him into that position at this point.

It seems as of later many other websites are "breaking" news days in advance of Wrestling News World. Are other sites getting the drop before you? If so, how would you justify news reported that fans can find out for free versus a paid subscription?

I saw this question and was a little intrigued by it, and while Richard may ultimately give a better answer than me I wanted to address it from my point of view as a writer and contributor to this site. The world of wrestling is a very cut throat one, with so many news sites out there now for fans to check out and that means they may have sources that are able to provide them with information at the click of a finger. We are no different in that respect and once the news comes in to us it's down to Richard to then decide what should be published, what needs more information, and what we simply aren't going to run with.

We appreciate each and every person here who reads our content and feel we bring you some of the best coverage on the internet across the wrestling industry worldwide. I believe our premium service represents great value for money and while other sites may post the same kind of news we like to pride ourselves on giving a more details account rather than just a few lines. It's our attention to detail and accuracy that I believe makes us stand out within the industry and the wrestling community.

What I would ask you to consider about these sites breaking news before us is for every bit of news they "break" that is accurate, how many stories do they "break" that are legit truth? We pride ourselves on getting the news verified from trusted sources before we post it to the world and would rather report you accurate information with more detail than some of these other sites will give you. is recognized throughout the entire professional wrestling industry as one of the top sources for accurate and up-to-date professional wrestling news, rumors, and information and that is something that very few of the other wrestling news sites can say.

If you could change several booking decisions by WWE this past year what would you change?

I think one of the biggest decisions I would change would have seen Sting go over Triple H at Wrestlemania 31. Triple H didn't need to win that match, and if anything it felt like that victory was just the final low blow to WCW. I'd have also not split the Wyatt Family up at the point they did, just to end up reuniting them not too long after. The Wyatt's could have been booked to be one of the top factions in the company and it's fair to say their separation didn't work out for the best. The other big one I would have changed is I would have had Kevin Owens go over John Cena at WWE Battleground to become the new United States Champion. Owens and Cena were one a piece in matches at the time and I think a win over Cena would have made Owens a bigger star at the time and given him some great momentum after having dropped the NXT Championship to Finn Balor before the event. Instead WWE chose to go with Cena and it seemed to take Kevin Owens a while to recover when WWE could have gotten more out of him had they given him a title early on in his run.

Should Donald Trump be removed from the WWE Hall of Fame?

This is a question that a lot of people are asking right now following some of the more controversial comments made by Trump, who is currently running as a US Presidential candidate, about immigrants amongst many other things. Richard put together a great piece about the hypocrisy of the WWE Hall of Fame that I recommend you all check out which raises some serious questions about WWE, who were quick to remove the likes of Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Snuka from their history following their recent misdemeanours, but are quite happy to keep someone like Mike Tyson who is a convicted rapist in the Hall of Fame. While Tyson, Trump, Hogan and Snuka are all in the Hall of Fame for different reasons they should all be treated the same. In my opinion Trump should be removed from the Hall of Fame. His comments, whether they were meant in the light they have been portrayed or not, are simply not acceptable in today's world. If you are quick to remove Hulk Hogan from the Hall of Fame for racism then you should remove Donald Trump for the same thing. To not do that makes WWE's Hall of Fame look a bigger joke to people within and outside of the industry than it already does at times. Ask yourself this; would Trump really care about being removed? I don't think so personally.

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