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Batista In WWE '12, Chris Jericho's Tweet, Mark Henry's Dominate Reign, Laurinaitis Heat

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Why is Batista a DLC character in WWE '12? Does this have anything to do with a possible return? Does Batista benefit at all being in the game?

Batista being a downloadable character in WWE '12 does not necessarily mean he is returning to WWE. I've always thought Batista would come back for a retirement tour but he maintains he won't come back under the company's PG direction. Regardless of his status, Batista worked out a deal to be included in the game. The inclusion of his character does give him the right to earn royalty checks from the game which are given based on a percentage sold.

Was Chris Jericho's Tweet over the weekend that he would never wrestle in WWE again legitimate?

Chris Jericho's Tweet this weekend has certainly got everyone talking and the truth is, very few people know whether it's a shoot or a work. While there is no way of knowing for certain, I feel like this was something to get the Internet talking. Jericho has always had fun ribbing the Internet. Remember when he put a silhouette of himself standing in front of the TNA logo on his official website several years ago? Even if a wrestler retires in this business, there's no guarantee they stay retired. I wouldn't read too much into the comments other than the fact they were made to get people talking.

With Mark Henry having such a dominate run as World Heavyweight Champion, is he bringing prestige back to the title?

Long title reigns are good for the credibility of the title so yes, I believe his reign has helped the prestige. WWE has pushed Mark Henry to the moon and it will be interesting to see how long they are able to keep it going.

Do you think John Laurinaitis has the right kind of heat (someone the fans love to hate like The Miz) or do you think he's mostly perceived by the fans as annoying?

The John Laurinaitis character is scripted to be an unbearable company yes-man that fans cannot stand. It doesn't matter if fans "love to hate him," if he's perceived as annoying, the goal is being accomplished. Go-away heat, like that of Michael Cole or someone like The Great Khali, is irrelevant because Laurinaitis doesn't have a set job to do like play-by-play or working a match.

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