Batista Returning To WWE?, New WWE Shows & The WWE Network, Betting On Pro Wrestling, Lesnar's WWE Status

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Do you ever see Batista returning to a WWE ring?

I expect Batista to return to WWE for a retirement tour but we know it won't be this year. Meanwhile, Dave has focused on his acting career and is aspiring for success in Mixed Martial Arts. His first fight is scheduled for October 6, 2012 against Rashid Evans.

With WWE coming out with new shows on the CW Network (WWE Saturday Morning Slam) and ION Television (WWE Main Event), were these shows originally slated for the WWE Network and will they just scrap plans for the network entirely?

WWE has been planning on these new shows in addition to the WWE Network for several months. We do have an article about how content originally taped for the network could end up on the CW Network Saturday mornings. For more information on that, click here. The company continues to release minimal information regarding the impending WWE Network and it has most investors beyond frustrated. The latest I can tell you is there are no plans to nix it and the company is still looking for clearances. As of this writing it doesn't look like the network is going to be here by the end of the year but that's conjecture based on what I know about the project.

Did you know that some bookmakers actually take bets on WWE PPV matches? Did you know this and have go ever considered making money on the outcomes of matches?

I'm aware that people do place bets on pro wrestling matches, however, whenever I get an email from a reader looking to do it I always urge them to reconsider. Some of my friends in the business do place bets, however, I won't do it because of the rate things change. If you're looking to "get in on the action" in terms of sports betting, stick to the sports where the outcomes are not predetermined.

Given the fact SummerSlam did 350,000 buys and Extreme Rules did 250,000 buys, are we going to see Brock Lesnar in WWE beyond Wrestlemania XXIX?

Brock Lesnar's stock has once again skyrocketed after the company reported the preliminary SummerSlam buyrate that flew past their optimistic projections. The company was already looking to re-sign him past Wrestlemania and the most recent number will only increase their desire to get a new deal done. I have the latest backstage information on Lesnar and contract negotiations here on Richard's Backstage Blog.

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