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Beating Mark Henry, Anonymous Raw General Manager, Air Boom, JR's Firing

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It's pretty obvious that whoever is victorious over Mark Henry and gets the World Heavyweight title will automatically get a huge push. If you could chose the winner, who would you pick and why?

Mark Henry is receiving the push of a lifetime and given the record and defeats he has compiled, whoever "takes him down" is assured a monster push on WWE TV. It's possible Big Show could be the one to "get revenge" but I think it makes more sense to keep building his dominance. WWE needs to be very careful with who they put over Henry because it could really elevate a younger worker into a much bigger deal. One name I have thought seriously about lately is Sheamus. Sheamus has proved he can work in the main event and to take out Mark Henry would be a huge boost for a character that needs re-built. Big Show over Mark Henry in two weeks would seem underwhelming although it would guarantee him a serious main event run.

Is the Anonymous Raw General Manager gimmick officially over?

Barring what would likely be a last minute swerve, it appears the Anonymous Raw General Manager gimmick has been quietly swept under the rug. Not only was an opportunity missed but months upon months of TV time were wasted. They could always re-introduce the storyline but doing so after declaring John Laurinaitis the Interim Raw GM would make less sense than making Laurinaitis the GM in the first place.

At first I was skeptical about the tag team of Air Boom but now I feel WWE has done a great job with them. What are your thoughts?

The tag team of Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston is fun to watch and has helped WWE to begin a much-needed makeover of their tag division. The biggest problem is there aren't any teams to program them with. If WWE is serious about re-establishing their tag division they need to introduce some new tag teams that can be taken seriously. If not, the WWE Tag Team Championship is only being built back up to be forgotten again.

What's the deal behind the "firing" of Jim Ross?

The "firing" of Jim Ross on last night's Raw Supershow was an angle but I do not know his future on WWE TV. The company loves to take shots at the expense of JR and didn't hold back in his hometown last night.

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