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Behind Decision To Push Finn Balor, Heat On Eva Marie, Lesnar Dropping Locker Room Morale, New WWE Titles

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Finn Balor & Triple H

How was the decision made to push Finn Balor so quickly made?

Vince McMahon has wanted Finn Balor on the main WWE roster for quite some time but Triple H always insisted that he stay down a little longer, as Triple H attributed much of the growth and success of the NXT brand to Balor. Vince always bought in but the plan to push him to the moon was accelerated following the Wellness violation of Roman Reigns. As we reported many times, Vince had already begun to waver in his support of Reigns so when he failed the Wellness test, the door was wide open for Balor. Balor ended up getting the spot Reigns was supposed to get as the original plan was to do Reigns vs. Rollins at SummerSlam. However, now due to injury, all plans are off for Finn Balor. He’s out with a torn labrum that he suffered on Sunday and the word post-surgery is that while the procedure was successful, the injury was more severe than a typical labrum tear. Look for Balor to be out until around Wrestlemania 33 in April. They would probably love to have him back then but even that may be pushing it.

Does Eva Marie have any heat for failing her Wellness test given the fact she's yet to prove herself in the ring?

I am sure Eva Marie has backstage heat over her Wellness violation, especially when her husband, Jonathan Coyle, lashing out over it. Anyone that has followed WWE for any length of time knows that it’s career suicide to speak out on matters that WWE considers to be private. Adam Rose tried the exact same thing when he was suspended for amphetamines as he went as far as tweeting a doctor’s note about his prescription for Adderall XR. It was a domestic violence arrest that ultimately got Rose canned but I suspect they were looking for any reason they could after he did that. It’s not a good idea to fail a Wellness test, ask Roman Reigns, and it’s even worse to criticize the company publicly. Right or not, that’s the way it works.

Do you think Brock Lesnar is bringing down locker room morale?

Brock Lesnar makes more than everyone, while working less than everyone. Not only that but he failed two drug tests for clomiphene, a substance banned under the WWE Wellness policy, and the company released a statement that part-time talent do not have to abide by it. Yes, Lesnar definitely brings down locker room morale. WWE could have at least stated that because the drug tests were not conducted by them they could not suspend Brock Lesnar and that was a separate matter that didn’t involve them. Instead, WWE just threw the validity of their Wellness policy out the window (stating what we all knew to be true any way). Imagine wrestling for WWE 300 days out of the year, barely being able to make ends meet, while following all the rules when someone else comes in for a handful of dates and plays by a different set of rules and gets paid more for it. As I stated earlier this week, it is what it is with Brock Lesnar and as long as he draws, he’ll continue to have a job.

What is your opinion on the new WWE titles belts? Do you like that WWE keep it simple and used the existing designs and just swapped the colors or do you think they got lazy?

The design of the new WWE title belts depends on what you think of the current WWE Championship and WWE Women’s Championship belts. If you like those belts, you probably appreciate the continuity in the new titles (the Universal, Smackdown Tag Team and Smackdown Women’s). If not, you probably do not like them. WWE spent a lot of money and time in developing the look that debuted with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship title and they clearly want to continue to use it. Perhaps more problematic is the name of the titles. I am still cracking up at “WWE Universal Championship,” “Smackdown Tag Team Champions” and “Smackdown Women’s Champion.” There could be some major changes underway, in which you can read here in our Members content.

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