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Big Cass Burying Enzo, McMahon's Successor, Favorite Matches, WWE's Main Competitor Revealed

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Enzo and Big Cass

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Will Enzo become lost in the shuffle if Vince McMahon decides to give Big Cass a huge push?

This is an interesting question and something I cannot give a definitive answer too, however, there is plenty to unpack. It is true, Vince McMahon is extremely high up on Big Cass, so much so that it’s restored some of his faith in WWE NXT. It’s not that Vince hasn’t been happy with NXT’s success, it’s that he doesn’t want it to lose focus of developing new talent. Sometimes this gets twisted that Vince “doesn’t like NXT.” That’s not true at all. Vince loves the success of NXT and the money it’s made the company in terms of touring and adding new content to the WWE Network. But Vince is looking long-term and knows they have to have a pipeline to bring talent to the main roster. Back to your question, while Vince is as high up on Big Cass as I can remember any NXTer, he’s also high up on Enzo Amore. I’m told Vince realizes that Enzo is largely responsible for getting both of them over. Vince also likes Enzo’s rapping and has met with him to talk about him recording even more music for the company. Remember the last guy that got over like that? Things are looking good for Cass and Enzo.

Assuming Shane McMahon sticks around, how do you see the behind-the-scenes power settling among Stephanie, Shane, and Hunter once Vince McMahon retires or dies?

Shane McMahon’s return to WWE has already extended far past what Stephanie and Triple H thought it would and I can report confidently that Shane has been consulted on more than just his on-screen role. Shane’s return gives Vince a lot of leverage against Stephanie/Triple H and keeps them on their toes in that they’re not the only family members lined up to succeed him. You can almost feel the tension between Triple H and Shane McMahon when they speak about one another and I don’t care what anyone says, there is real tension there. As to how this shakes out, it’s anyone’s guess. Remember, Vince was asked in an interview with Forbes about his successor and he wasn’t exactly clear that it would be Stephanie and/or Triple H when asked before Shane McMahon’s return. Also, I think it’s at least worth mentioning after the UFC sale, who is to say Vince won’t sell?

What are your top three favorite matches of all time?

When asked about this question I can think of two immediate responses. Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart at Survivor Series 1996 and Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXV (yes, the sequel was also very good). The third one would have to be something involving Bryan Danielson or Kurt Angle but I can’t think of one in particular. Angle had a lot of good matches with AJ Styles in TNA Wrestling that should be considered professional wrestling royalty. I’m not joking when I say that either; Angle had his best work of his career in TNA in 2006-2010 and shouldn’t be overlooked just because the matches were in TNA.

With an abundance of tag teams and factions (I can think of nine off the top of my head) and more on the verge of coming up, do you see WWE adding a second set of tag titles?

That’s been the plan and I don’t see how they couldn’t have two sets of titles. Have you seen the Battleground card? Who is booking, Teddy Long? There are tag teams and tag team matches everywhere and I don’t know any other way than to have two sets of tag titles. I can confirm it’s been discussed.

What does WWE see as its main competition in the sports world?

WWE doesn’t consider any “sport” as competition but I think the closest thing in the professional wrestling world right now is New Japan Pro Wrestling. They had a huge falling out at the beginning of the year. As we reported exclusively here on Premium on January 7, 2016, WWE was negotiating with NJPW about putting some of their content on the network. NJPW went public about those negotiations and that infuriated WWE officials. As a result, WWE went after their top stars and even grabbed Mauro Ranallo to take him off their AXS show. It also accelerated the company’s plans to grow the WWE Network in Asia.

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