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Big Show Banned From Title Matches, Workers That Put Over Ryback, Cody Rhodes' Failed Wellness Test, Randy Orton To TNA?

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Big Show has mentioned in promos being "banned" from title fights and Vince McMahon himself said he hasn't been relevant since 1999. Is there some kind of bad blood that has kept Show a mid carder all these years?

I found the lines you mentioned to be particularly interesting as Big Show was able to voice some frustration and Vince McMahon admitted his lackluster position in storyline. While that made for good television, Show's position in WWE is nothing more than the right opportunity being available. Show has been a consistent upper mid-card talent but WWE hasn't seen him as a "face of the company" they can build around as a long-term and credible champion. This latest storyline is the best he's been booked in years and actually went to him when Tensai couldn't get over to the level WWE officials wanted. I'm not aware of any bad blood that has caused Show's mediocre to poor booking.

Are the workers that job to Ryback paid on a per show basis? What if they get injured?

WWE uses call-ins to put over Ryback so they don't have to worry about burying one of their own stars in quick squashes to an unestablished talent. The call-ins are paid a fee for appearing and sign a waver, waving WWE of all responsibility if they are injured. While doing a job isn't a desirable position, it is an opportunity for these indy guys to get on TV and get the attention of WWE officials.

Did Cody Rhodes really fail a Wellness Test? Is he suspended?

As I reported exclusively here on Premium, Cody Rhodes failed a WWE Wellness Test but was able to provide valid documentation from a physician that nullified the suspension and strike. The reason he wasn't on WWE TV this week is because he's been in Turkey doing promo work for the company.

If WWE released Randy Orton, would he be able to help TNA?

Randy Orton to TNA would be a major acquisition for them, however, I'm not sure how much it would help. Given the fact TNA has pulled off some very impressive acquisitions with a strong roster, it's clear talent isn't the reason the company has been unable to compete with WWE. Consider the fact TNA has brought in legends like Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair to join Sting and have been able to sign some other top names such as Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam to accompany homegrown names like Bobby Roode and AJ Styles, ratings haven't improved all that much. Growth has happened but the company still hasn't been competitive. Should Orton be released from WWE, I certainly look for TNA to make an offer but obviously this is completely hypothetical.

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