Big Show Broke?, Adding Members To The Corporation, Tag Teams, Why Darren Young's Sexuality Shouldn't Be In Storylines

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Big Show Cries

I think the whole Big Show storyline about him being broke is absolutely stupid, what are your thoughts?

I do not like the gap in logic that he went from an ironclad contract to a guy that will do whatever he's asked just to keep his job. WWE relies on their audience to have a short memory so they can use talent how they see fit in current storylines. The problem with this is, Show just missed significant time this summer due to injury and WWE played it off that he was away because he works when he wants to work. It makes no sense and I don't like it. I'll also take this opportunity to dispel any worries people may have about Show's financial stability. Big Show has made a tremendous amount of money throughout his career, has his own tour bus and is not by any means broke.

With the McMahons, Triple H and Randy Orton part of a powerful corporation stable, will there be new members added?

I've pushed back on adding more members to the second coming of the corporation faction. Stables are ]\effective but have a limited shelf life and can become overdone very easily. I always like to point to the NWO when talking about factions. When was the NWO the most effective, as a three-man group of Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash or as a faction so big it was split into two separate factions? The question is rhetorical. Adding members can be a good thing in certain situations, as I feel DeGeneration X was more effective in its format that featured the New Age Outlaws and Chyna with Triple H and Shawn Michaels as opposed to the resurrected version that just featured Michaels and Hunter. Stables are tricky but effective if booked correctly.

Name some other tag teams of brothers than than the obvious due of Jeff and Matt Hardy.

Two of my favorite tag teams of all-time are made up of real-life brothers - Harlem Heat and The Steiner Brothers. We're so far away from that level of tag team wrestling with today's product but those were the days. Jimmy and Jey Uso are twin brothers and currently function as a tag team in WWE.

Edgier and more realistic storylines usually translate to entertaining programming. Has there been any talk of using Darren Young's sexuality in storyline?

You are correct in that edgier and more realistic storylines are more entertaining. When the lines of what is scripted and what is real are blurred, storylines are the most successful. However, there are lines that shouldn't be crossed and to incorporate Darren Young's sexuality in his gimmick would mean the antagonist would play the role of a homophobe. I'm 100% against that. The pro wrestling business has destroyed stereotypes in the reaction to Darren Young coming out and the fact WWE had to turn the Prime Time Players babyface speaks volumes about the acceptance of the audience. This is something as a fan that I'm extremely proud of. There's no reason to ruin that with an immature and discriminatory angle to get cheap heat. On the same token, I'm find with characters such as Triple H and Ryback playing the role of a bully so it's really a case-by-case basis. However, stuff like homophobia, racism, etc. should be left alone.

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