Big Show Turning Heel?, Batista's Comments & Cryptic Videos, Skip Sheffield's Return, Cena Made About T-Shirts?


Is Big Show ready for a heel turn?

Big Show's backstage interview on last night's Raw Supershow resulted in several readers asking me if I thought he would be turning heel. While I haven't heard, I expect more to come out of Big Show losing the World Heavyweight Championship to Daniel Bryan "cashing in." One of my biggest fears would be Show going over Bryan at tonight's Smackdown taping for the title, exercising his right to a rematch; however, we'll see what happens.

Could Batista be behind the cryptic videos given his recent comments on Twitter?

I expect Batista to return to WWE at some point to formally retire from the ring but I have not heard his name associated with the cryptic videos. Batista doesn't care to speak his mind about the current WWE product; however, I disagree with him on Daniel Bryan and The Miz. Things have changed in WWE - the larger-than-life look that used to be the most important factor in defining a worker's career, is no longer so. In a day of Wellness testing and a much lower tolerance for performance enhancing drugs, workers have been able to get over based on other factors. I am high up on the change and think it is refreshing to see CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Zack Ryder all holding titles.

Could it be a possibility that WWE is using Skip Sheffield's Tweets as a decoy since there is so much talk the cryptic videos have to do with Chris Jericho?

WWE does cryptic videos to get people talking. The fact the latest series has been widely speculated, dissected and debated proves their strategy works. I've said on several occasions WWE could launch the videos with one plan and change it as time progresses. I'm not ruling anything out but the names I have heard on a consistent basis are Chris Jericho and The Undertaker. However, as of last week, Jericho had not re-signed with WWE.

Is John Cena legitimately upset WWE is selling "Cena Sucks" shirts or is he working everyone on Twitter?

Considering that John Cena will make money off every shirt bearing the Cena name, he's probably just working. Remember workers receive bonuses on merchandise where their name and likeliness is used.

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