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Biggest Pop, RVD Returning, WWE HoF On Cable, WM30 Match Order, 33 Is Young In Pro Wrestling

The following is today's edition of Ask WNW. Ask WNW is the most popular feature on the website where Richard Gray answers four questions daily, Monday through Friday. To submit your question for the next installment of Ask WNW, click here

What's the biggest pop you can remember for as long as you've been running Wrestling News World?

I started my full-time career with in May 2007 and the largest pop I've covered so far has been for CM Punk at WWE Money in the Bank 2011. Punk was fresh off one of the greatest promos in WWE history with his pipe bomb and the reception he received from his home crowd was amazing.

What's happened to Rob Van Dam?

Rob Van Dam worked a 90-day short-term contract with WWE last year and is expected back this month. The only question seems to be if he'll be used at Wrestlemania 30 as a surprise entrant in the 30-man Andre the Giant Battle Royal or if the company will wait until after the pay-per-view to restart on him. Both ideas have been pitched, however, his return is considered imminent.

Will the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony air on cable? I know it's available in its entirety on the WWE Network.

A one hour special of the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony is scheduled to air next Monday immediately following Raw on the USA Network. The ceremony will air live in its entirety on Saturday at 9 PM ET on WWE Network. A live red carpet arrival show hosted by Michael Cole and Renee Young will precede it at 8 PM ET, also on the WWE Network.

If you were booking Wrestlemania 30, would you start the show with Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H, with Bryan going over and then put the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match to close the show?

I expect there to be plenty of space between Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania 30 for obvious reasons, however, I cannot confirm when they will occur on the card. It's certainly reasonable to assume the former will open and latter will close but it's not set in stone either. We do have details on the current favorites to go over in each match at this link.

What was with Rey Mysterio's comments about Tyson Kidd? I don't understand how he can say someone that's 33 hasn't gotten their opportunity.

Tyson Kidd hasn't gotten his opportunity. He's been utilized as a tag team worker (a one time World tag team champion and a one time WWE tag team champion) and in forgettable undercard programs but he hasn't been given an opportunity with a legitimate singles run in WWE. Kidd is right along with people like Dolph Ziggler in terms of talent that have tremendous upside potential. 33 might seem old to you but it's not in pro wrestling. Cesaro is 33, Daniel Bryan is 32 (will be 33 next month), Dolph Ziggler is 33, even Bad News Barrett himself is 33. Not everyone can be like Bray Wyatt and get such a big push at 26-years-old. It's the norm for WWE not to start on someone until their 30s.

From the Ask WNW vault…

July 2012: What has the reaction been like in WWE to the monster rating the 1000th Raw the show did? Do you think Vince McMahon looks at it as people having renewed interest or just a one time fluke? - WWE is thrilled with the rating of the 1000th episode of Raw and they should be. As we talked about here in Ask WNW, the company immediately issued a press release to tout the success of the large viewership. I have not heard from sources close to Vince McMahon what he thought and would be scared to speculate, however, I feel it shows the audience is still there. Whether or not that audience tunes in weekly or buys the monthly pay-per-views all has to do with the quality of the product. The company showed with Wrestlemania XXVIII they could get people to buy their product. WWE should strive to make every show “must-see programming,” treating them as a “big deal” to spark interest. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying pay-per-views are going to go be able to compete with Wrestlemania or weekly TVs can exceed the viewership of the biggest show to date but there is a large differential in the averages and these spikes. If WWE were to make their shows of more importance, I feel it could significantly boost ratings. This will, however, be very challenging by trying to come up with three hours of live TV each week.

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