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Booking A Re-Signed Lesnar, Should Wyatt Have Ended Streak?, Austin Returning In Texas

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With Brock Lesnar re-signing with WWE does the Wrestlemania 31 main event now become a booking nightmare? If they have Lesnar lose it has to happen without making him look weak or they have him win, they have to keep from killing off Reigns. In a perfect world I think they (WWE) should have The Rock cost Lesnar the title, helping his cousin and setting up a Wrestlemania 32 match.

Brock Lesnar re-signing with WWE gives them more options. If Brock didn’t re-sign on Monday, they were putting Roman Reigns over in a clear and definitive way and making Brock less of an attraction. This is why Vince came into the meeting we detailed at Raw with the attitude that if Brock didn’t re-sign, he was never going to be worth as much to WWE.

Now that Brock is here to stay at a premium, it does present a booking quandary. How do they keep him a “must-see” attraction without aborting the push of Roman Reigns? Let me be clear. Roman Reigns is seen as a top talent. If anyone thinks they’re just going to dismiss him by feeding him to Brock Lesnar, they’re not seeing the full picture. Reigns was hand picked years ago and I don’t see that plan getting demolished because Brock re-signed.

I can tell you the plan you described of The Rock costing Brock the belt and setting up a match at Wrestlemania 32 has been discussed. We’ve already detailed that on more than two occasions but there are issues with that scenario. One, The Rock isn’t confirmed for Sunday and two, he’s concerned that could turn him heel.

WWE has to be careful on Sunday but let’s also remember that Seth Rollins is equipped with the Money in the Bank briefcase. Could that become a factor? Or does WWE have Brock retain and have John Cena and Daniel Bryan win secondary titles, making them the new weekly showcase? All of these possibilities are now in play.

I have been very consistent in writing that I’ll be happy as long as Brock Lesnar loses the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. While that was a sure thing if he didn’t re-sign, he has re-signed. For that reason, I can’t help but be disappointed with his new contract. Yes, I believe WWE has a deeper and more talented roster with Brock than without him, but that depends on them actually using him. They haven't used him enough for him to hold the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Two simple questions: How good was Bray Wyatt’s promo on Raw this week? Should Wyatt have broken the streak instead of Brock Lesnar?

Bray Wyatt’s promo was outstanding on Raw and I am as high up on his mic work as anyone else on the roster. In fact, the only person that I believe talks better than Bray Wyatt is Paul Heyman. WWE agrees as they’ve left it up to him to build a program with The Undertaker at Wrestlemania on his own. That’s a huge responsibility and something a lot of younger talent would not be able to accomplish.

As for Wyatt ending the streak, no I do not think it should have been him. I’ve really gone back and forth on the streak ending since it happened last year. When Brock Lesnar ended it, I was outraged. After I understood Undertaker’s mindset and Brock’s position, I was fine with it. A year later, I don’t think it helped Brock Lesnar as much as it should have because of WWE’s reluctance to use him.

WWE had the chance to make Brock Lesnar a dominant WWE World Heavyweight Champion but they haven’t done that. He’s had limited title defenses and only one successful title defense, which was the triple threat at Royal Rumble. There is a fine line between overexposing a must-see attraction and not using them enough and I believe WWE fell into the latter. He needs to be around more to prevent fans from becoming apathetic towards him.

Having written that, I would much rather Brock Lesnar be the disappointment from ending the streak than Bray Wyatt. Why put the pressure on Wyatt? Brock can handle it and while he’s WWE’s new top act, I’m not sure ending the streak was needed.

I’ve been to several different televised shows, but not a house show. What are the house shows like in comparison?

WWE live events or house shows usually feature longer matches and more crowd interaction. A lot of people prefer them because they actually get to see some of the good undercard talent the company has, including longer Divas matches. I recommend going if you enjoy more in-ring action, less talking and more crowd interaction. The downside is the shows usually feature predictable match outcomes as WWE will sometimes run the same card two or three times in different cities in a weekend.

I recently read a blog by Jim Ross where he suggested WWE should talk to Steve Austin about working a match at Wrestlemania 32 in Texas. I found this particularly interesting, as JR has always stated that it is extremely unlikely that Austin will wrestle again, but in recent months appears to have changed his stance a little. I can't imagine a bigger settling point for any WWE event than an Austin return, and given how close JR is to Stone Cold, do we think that might mean there is a chance that 'The Rattlesnake' will actually wrestle at Wrestlemania 32?

There is absolutely a chance and it comes down to Steve Austin’s willingness to work and WWE’s ability to adequately compensate him for his services. I agree Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 32 in Texas would be huge but he’s going to have to share the spotlight with Brock Lensar now confirmed for that show and The Rock not far behind. The part-time era is far from over, which was clear by Brock Lesnar re-signing on a part-time schedule for full-time money. He actually said that, something I’m sure didn’t go over very well in the locker room.

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