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Uso, Rhodes, CM Punk & Daniel Bryan

What's up with Kofi Kingston, why hasn't he won a world championship yet? I thought his best push ever was late 2009 where he had a hot feud with Randy Orton, I mean he could've easily gotten it... I think Randy Orton blew it for him when he told WWE he wasn't ready... What do you think?

What Randy Orton did (or didn't do) to Kofi Kingston's push several years ago is a moot point. WWE doesn't see Kofi Kingston as a main event talent, at least not yet. I compare Kofi to John Morrison in that he just goes out and outworks the entire roster. My label for him is the WWE workhorse. I'm a huge Kofi fan. He's over with the audience and he has great in-ring work. He's a likable guy and someone I've had the privilege to interview. I can't explain why WWE doesn't see him as more than they do but there are a lot of factors that stop a talent from reaching the main event. With that being said, Kofi routinely gets on television and is prominent mid-card programs. While he doesn't have a top spot in the company, he doesn't have a bad one either. Not everyone can be pushed in the main event and if WWE unifies their world titles there are going to be a lot more people wondering about the lack of top pushes.

Who is your favorite tag team in WWE right now and who would you like to see in an extended feud for the tag belts?

There are lot of good tag teams in WWE right now with Vince McMahon restarting on his love for tag team wrestling (something that seems to change by the week). The show stealers as we've come to know them are Cody Rhodes & Goldust and Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns. They've had some spectacular matches lately, full of everything that I love about this business. My favorite emerging team is Jimmy & Jey Uso as they have excellent in-ring chemistry and bring back an element to the product that's been lacking. As for an extended program, I've really enjoyed the aforementioned program of the Rhodes brothers versus The Shield members. Anything involving The Usos would be entertaining but it's hard for me to give you an exact program I would like to see regarding tag team performers.

With all of the hype surrounding Hulk Hogan and Bill Goldberg, I can't help but notice that WWE is looking to go all out for Wrestlemania XXX. I can't say I don't blame them and I know you have been hearing this question a lot, but with the state of TNA in limbo right now, do you know the status of Sting and his negotiations with TNA? Or maybe WWE?

You are correct in that Vince McMahon wants to go all out for Wrestlemania XXX. The problem is that nothing is definitive and that's left him frustrated headed into the end of the year. Sting's contract with TNA Wrestling is believed to be up some time this month although we do not have further details at this time. There is WWE interest but there's been WWE interest in Sting for the last several years. Sting puts himself in this position by working year-to-year in TNA so he has the option to try WWE if that's what he decides. I can confirm that WWE has spoken with Bill Goldberg and Hulk Hogan about returning. Both are stories we are following in our Backstage News section. Make sure you check out our Cyber Monday special if you aren't yet a WNW Premium Member.

If a lack in faith prevents Daniel Bryan from becoming a long-term champion, why is Randy Orton a multi-champion when he has never really drawn for the WWE? Does Randy Orton sell out arenas? Do crowds throughout the world cheer profusely for Orton? The fans have been behind Randy at certain points of his career, but as a lifelong fan, I can't honestly say that he has been the reason anyone has ever spent $50 on a PPV. The same can honestly be said about numerous other stars including Del Rio, Big Show, JBL and Sheamus.

Easy partner! Randy Orton seems to be getting a lot of heat today from readers. I'm on the opposite end of this. I see Randy Orton as a top guy and as a draw for WWE. We can all debate how much of a draw that he is - because he isn't at the level of John Cena - but he's still a main eventer. Please be careful with your assumption that there's a lack of confidence in Daniel Bryan. I know there are places that write this conjecture but I've heard nothing of the sorts. Everything I hear is that Vince McMahon is high up on Bryan and admitted he was wrong about him. Yes, he's out of the WWE title picture but it was time to move on after a lengthy program with Orton that was hampered by bad booking.

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September 2010: Why is Kofi Kingston not a main event talent? - Kofi Kingston has been close to getting a push in the main event a couple times but has been held back for one reason or another. Kofi is a guy with great talent and seems to have a loyal fan base so it's certainly not out of the question he'll get elevated before the end of the year. Last year I spoke with Kofi about his position in WWE and he clarified more in which you can read here.

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