Booking The Miz, Wild Crowd, Lesnar's WWE Future, Where Dolph As Champ Leaves Swagger

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What was the point of having The Miz win the WWE Intercontinental Championship on the non-televised Wrestlemania Pre-Show only to drop it back to Wade Barrett the following night? It doesn't make any sense.

A lot of readers want to know why WWE would book The Miz over in the Wrestlemania Pre-Show only to have him go under the following night on Raw. This isn't an unusual occurrence as I'm reminded of Christian's World Heavyweight Championship win against Alberto Del Rio at Extreme Rules 2011 only to drop it to Randy Orton the following Tuesday at the Smackdown taping. While this was different, it was still head scratching considering WWE put Christian over in a 21-minute match on pay-per-view. As it turns out, it was all part of an angle to turn him heel. I interviewed Edge, Christian's good friend, and asked him about the decision and he said knowing the big picture he was fine with it. I don't know if Miz winning the title only to drop it the following night is part of a bigger plan or if they just wanted to generate hype for the Pre-Show but I have learned to be careful before judging outcomes too quickly. Christian ended up the top heel on Smackdown and had one of the best runs of his career after what appeared on the surface to be a very questionable creative call.

What was your reaction to the crowd from this week's WWE Raw in East Rutherford, New Jersey?

The crowd on this week's WWE Raw was awesome and was the complete opposite of what we saw at Wrestlemania 29. A hot crowd can take a mediocre show and make it excellent. Raw would have been good had it not been for the crowd but they made it that much better. The northeast crowd filled with transplants from all across the world for Wrestlemania weekend threw off storylines by cheering heels and booing babyfaces but that never matters. The energy they brought to the show helped it immensely and everyone backstage felt it as well. A hot crowd energizes workers and this provided a huge shot in the arm to an exhausted roster.

Will Brock Lesnar achieve a great role in WWE after Wrestlemania 29?

Brock Lesnar is 1-2 since returning to WWE last May and is signed on to work a part-time schedule over the next two years. There is no way I can accurately predict how he'll be used going forward (as it likely hasn't been determined) but WWE will continue to book him in high profile pay-per-view matches they feel will draw big. WWE is booking Lesnar as more of a "must-see" spectacle rather than a dominant force. Wins and losses seem to mean less and less these days as Ryback went under to Mark Henry at Wrestlemania yet concluded Raw with the WWE title belt in his hand. Dolph Ziggler did a job and walked out the next night the World Heavyweight Champion. I can't explain it but the fans don't seem to care.

With Dolph Ziggler winning the World Heavyweight Championship and most likely setting up a feud between him and Alberto Del at Extreme Rules do you think that's an indication that Jack Swagger's push is over?

I am interested to see how WWE books Dolph Ziggler as champion. Remember Christian's World Heavyweight Championship win at Extreme Rules that lasted less than 48 hours that I mentioned above? We'll see how much confidence WWE shows in him as champion but it does look like Alberto Del Rio will be out for "revenge" following this week's WWE Raw. As for Jack Swagger, he's due in court in Biloxi, MS on Tuesday to respond to a DWI charge from his February arrest. I am interested to see what happens as many felt like Swagger was finished after he was arrested just days after winning the Elimination Chamber. Vince McMahon had him push his court date back and kept the Wrestlemania bout intact. Vince was reportedly souring on Swagger after he made the decision so we'll see how it plays out. Regardless of what happens to Swagger, WWE has a new stellar mouthpiece in Zeb Colter.

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