Booking The Shield, Punk vs. Jericho At Payback, Del Rio's Cars, Rock Finished?

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The Shield

How do you see WWE booking Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins as the WWE Tag Team Champions?

A potential match against The Usos for the WWE Tag Team Championship was teased on Raw but this presents a huge problem. The Usos aren't on the same level as The Shield and the only way to make fans believe the Shield actually has a chance at losing is to program them with upper-midcard to main event talent. The Shield are in action in the top of the card on this week's episode of Smackdown. WWE has had plenty of time to think about booking Rollins & Reigns as tag champs as they've talked about it since the beginning of March. The best way to get the belts off The Shield will be to tease dissension within the group like what we saw when WWE broke up Evolution.

I feel like Punk vs. Jericho at Payback makes no sense. WWE has to know Chicago will pop big-time for Punk, and there's no basis for a face vs. face match. This is screaming for a swerve with Heyman replacing Punk with Curtis Axel. If anything, it seems like the best way to bring Punk back would be to have him attempt to save Jericho from a post-match attack, perhaps including the Wyatt Family to draw them major heat for going after Jericho and Punk. What do you think?

The best way to book CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho at WWE Payback is to not book Punk at all but rather have Curtis Axel "replace" him in Chicago. This would draw an enormous heel reaction, however, it would come with a big risk. People would be "up in arms" over the company advertising Punk, only to end up not delivering. You talked about the match being babyface vs. babyface but in Chicago, Punk will be babyface and Jericho will be heel. There is more to the program but the match should be a good one. With that being said, I expect WWE to deliver Punk but I also expect there to be more to it.

Why does Alberto Del Rio come out to the ring in luxury cars anymore?

Alberto Del Rio said it was because he ran over Santa Claus. In reality, the car thing was part of his heel gimmick and when they turned him babyface, they dropped it. Del Rio once commented that it was awkward leaving the arena in a rented Honda Civic after the cars he used to drive out to the ring.

Do you believe The Rock is legitimately contemplating being finished in the ring?

I believe The Rock when he says he's thinking about hanging it up for good. He came back and worked his commitment and helped the business. It's better with him around than not but the injury at Wrestlemania 29 does put things in prospective. I can tell you that movie studios do not want him wrestling because a major injury could throw a serious wrench in filming plans. They really bit the bullet by getting him ready to film "Hercules," which is currently taking place in Budapest. However, The Rock does love this business and as with anyone that really loves this business, the itch doesn't seem to ever completely go away.

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