Which Brand Is Better, Pushing Rhyno/Heath Slater, WWE On CM Punk's UFC Fight, Smackdown Getting Cruiserweights?

Raw and Smackdown Live Logos

Which brand is consistently putting on the better show each week... Raw or Smackdown Live?

I’ve been getting this question a lot lately and I believe readers want me to pick Smackdown Live over Raw but I can’t do that. Raw has had a lot of memorable moments and matches since the brand split but Smackdown has been more consistent. I credit the consistency of Smackdown to the two-hour format, which I feel would also help Raw. I can’t tell you how often I watch Raw and feel like I’m just watching filler content. It’s a problem that has watered down the WWE product for years and it’s just too much. The third hour makes WWE more money in TV revenue, which is why WWE has accepted viewers tuning out for it but refused to scale it back. Three hours of Raw is too much for the fans to take interest in and too much for the writers and producers to script. In theory it should provide more opportunities for talent but more often than not we’re filled with useless content that could be condensed in a 120 minute format (obviously including commercial breaks).

What is the reasoning behind putting the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship on Rhyno and Heath Slater? Why not an established team?

Heath Slater and Rhyno have gotten their tag team over and that played into the decision to have them win the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship Tournament. It’s more than being an established tag team but the dynamics of Slater and Rhyno are entertaining and provide comedic relief. They have found a niche and are doing well with it. I don’t see Slater and Rhyno as the long-term solution as Smackdown’s top tag team but I am happy for Heath, who has been criminally underutilized in WWE.

Regarding UFC 203, do you think that WWE are happy CM Punk lost the way he did or would they have preferred him putting on a strong display to fly in the face of what Conor McGregor has been saying about WWE's stars?

Vince McMahon probably got a kick out of CM Punk losing, which is probably why they scripted Dolph Ziggler and The Miz to mock him the very next night. Vince has a huge ego and it probably made him feel good that Punk looked inferior outside of his ring. Punk isn’t the type of person that’s going to quit and come crawling back to Vince but I have to think Vince took pleasure in what happened. As for what Conor McGregor has been saying, it’s a complete work and I wouldn’t be surprised if WWE tried to get him on their programming. One thing Conor McGregor does better than most UFC fighters is that he has a gimmick that gets people to pay attention. That’s very important and something UFC needs more of their fighters to do.

Is there any validity to the rumor of Smackdown also getting a cruiserweight division?

We broke the story about possibly doing a cruiserweight division on Smackdown on August 26, 2016 here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium. For those that missed that story, we detailed that Vince McMahon felt it would be too risky to launch cruiserweight divisions on both brands at the same time. If things go well for Raw, Smackdown could follow. We reported exclusively on WNWHD.com earlier this week that WWE has talent marked for a possible cruiserweight division on Smackdown and will keep them off Raw for the time being in the event they launch a cruiserweight division on the blue brand.

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