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Bray Wyatt A Main Event Gimmick?, Bourne's WWE Status, Why Contract Terms Aren't Disclosed, Unified Champion

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Bray Wyatt

The way both Undertaker and Goldust play their characters really well, do you see Bray Wyatt in the same light and can he reach the main event level?

As well as Goldust has been in this latest run as the tag team partner of Cody Rhodes; he's nowhere near the level of The Undertaker. He's working at a very high level right now but he's still a mid card talent. As for Bray Wyatt, I understand your point and can draw similarities about all three you mentioned. These are characters where the money in them is in their gimmicks, not necessarily their in-ring work or even mic work. How far Bray Wyatt can take the creepy cult-leader gimmick remains to be seen. I believe I'm on record as to saying I don't see it as a top level gimmick but that's not to say it couldn't happen either. The Wyatt Family gimmick is dynamic and is one of the more intriguing over the past several years.

What's the status of Evan Borne?

Evan Bourne's status in WWE is similar to the status of Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde, or the original Sin Cara. He's under WWE contract but he's not being used. I was told prior to SummerSlam that Bourne let the company know he was cleared to compete but there wasn't interest in using him. At this point I'm unsure when he'll be brought back if at all. Triple H has this new thing where they do not release main roster stars unless what they do is something so blatant there is no other choice. Instead, the company is opting to let deals come up and not re-signing them. I've termed this the "don't fire anybody" edict.

Why does WWE and TNA not disclose the terms of their talent contracts like that of the major sports leagues like the NFL, MLB, NHL or NBA?

The major spots leagues are all unionized organizations with set pay structures. Aside from Major League Baseball, there are also salary caps that teams must work around when signing talent. WWE and TNA do have set pay structures and formulate independent contractor agreements with their talent. The contracts are structured with downside guarantees and bonuses. One of the reasons why WWE in particular tries to keep what others are making quiet is so they have all the leverage when negotiating contracts. It gets complicated because even though the produce is contrived, the workers in the main event command much larger salaries. Because there isn't a union and no set pay structure, the pay gap between a main event WWE star and a WWE developmental worker is very large.

What was the purpose of WWE holding an App vote to determine what fans wanted the new champion to be called if they were going to use it?

A couple weeks ago WWE held a vote on their App asking fans what they felt the winner of Randy Orton vs. John Cena at TLC should be called. However, at the time, we noted here on the poll was essentially meaningless. When it was announced that 38% of respondents wanted the new champion to be called the Unified Champion, it was announced The Authority would "take the vote into consideration." They never said that's indeed what the champion would be called. WWE would have been better off not doing the poll if they weren't going to use the result as it's been more confusing than anything else.

From the Ask WNW vault…

March 2009: I've read a lot of things as to why TNA wrestlers would prefer WWE and one reason commonly used is the pay. How much more does WWE pay then TNA? - WWE is a much bigger, more profitable company; therefore they are able to pay their workers more. I do not have the comparable show figure payouts but workers get their downside, bonuses for appearances, bonuses for TV, bonuses for PPV, and bonuses for merchandise. While TNA could technically match WWE in their downsides, the bonuses from WWE are going to be more because more fans attend WWE events and WWE sells much more merchandise. Workers get cuts from everything which is why WWE is a more attractive option from a financial standpoint for most people.

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