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Bray Wyatt A Future Champ?, Roles Of Cesaro & Christian, WWE's Urgent Effort

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Do you see Bray Wyatt winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the future?

I'll remind you I don't have a crystal ball to predict the future, however, I can tell you the future looks bright for Bray Wyatt. He's a guy that received high marks during his time in developmental between his run on the main roster as Husky Harris and the repackaging of his character. Everyone, including John Cena, raved about his work and felt he had a lot of potential. We've begun to see some of that potential realized with his mysterious promos and his stellar pay-per-view match with Daniel Bryan at Royal Rumble. As I stated in Monday's Premium Mailbag, I was frustrated with people that were judging Bray's in-ring on his Ring of Fire Match against Kane at last year's SummerSlam. That match wasn't supposed to be about in-ring work but rather the spectacle of the flames, which were awesome. The naysayers were just looking for a reason to be overly critical of the product and I tried as hard as I could to push back on the notion that Bray couldn't work. My prediction is that Bray is a key player in WWE going forward and the sky is the limit.

Is Cesaro a babyface or a heel?

Cesaro has been an obvious heel in his run as a member of The Real Americans tag team, however, he seems to be a babyface in this new push we're trying not to get overly excited about. His updated move set alone suggests a turn and he played the role of a babyface when cameras stopped filming at Raw on Monday. As I stated in my Raw notes, his match against John Cena was an obvious Raw Match of the Year candidate and he's really answered when called upon.

Is Christian now a heel?

Everyone wants to know the roles of the Elimination Chamber challengers and based on this week's Monday Night Raw, Christian is a heel. As I stated on Twitter during this week's show, I prefer the "dangerous" version of Christian. He's talented enough to be a heel or babyface but I feel he's more effective as a heel. Some fans have begun to bail on Christian out of frustrations regarding his health but as we saw on Raw, he still has it.

Was there a particular reason why there was so many backstage interviews on this week's Raw? Or was it just a case of it been a way to build up the Elimination Chamber match?

WWE put on an urgent effort to promote the Elimination Chamber on this week's Monday Night Raw and as I noted, it was necessary. There was enough good content on this week's broadcast for a really solid two-hour broadcast but the three-hour format watered it down. Nonetheless I feel the goal of building the pay-per-view was accomplished.

From the Ask WNW vault...

January 2014: Earlier in the week you partly attributed Dolph Ziggler’s recent “demotion” to his injuries. With all that we now know about concussions and their long term affects, couldn’t WWE get accused of fostering a culture where performers feel forced to return from head injuries too quickly or else face similar “punishments” to those received by Ziggler? - Remember when Fandango suffered a concussion last summer? While many were praising WWE for their quick and prompt response by removing workers from cards at the first sign of a concussion, one backstage source expressed concern. I was told WWE being quick to remove workers that experience concussion symptoms could mean fewer people coming forward if they were to suffer a head injury. Dolph Ziggler’s concussion, the result of an errant Jack Swagger kick, came at a horrible time. Following a long wait to become World Heavyweight Champion, the reign was quick and largely forgettable. However, injuries are part of the business – they always have been and they always will be.

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