Why Bray Wyatt Lost To Kane, Heath Slater's Push, HHH More In Control, Did Ambrose Fail?

Bray Wyatt

Why did Bray Watt go under to Kane!? I don't understand it? It made no sense! Besides Cesaro, I believe he's been underutilized the most! Your thoughts!?

We saw it coming but I agree it wasn’t necessary for Bray Wyatt to “do the honors” for Kane. The plan was to build Randy Orton back up (from the loss to Brock Lesnar) by having him take down Wyatt so the thought process was they’d have Orton run the interference and get the payoff without wrestling. So it was less about Kane and more about Orton but I understand your frustration. As I discussed over the weekend at WNWHD.com, Wyatt is one of the most underutilized guys on the roster. I believe even more so than Cesaro. Wyatt has something that can’t be taught; a package of charisma to go with mystique that is rarely seen together. You can fix someone’s look or have them practice in the ring or on the mic but he has the stuff you can’t teach. The stuff that separates good workers from great workers. I truly believe Vince doesn’t know what to do with Wyatt so they build him up just enough to put guys over. Kind a like an enhancement talent for talent in the upper portion of the card. As for Kane vs. Wyatt, they put it together over the weekend and got a dress rehearsal at a live event.

Will Heath Slater get the Zack Ryder treatment or is this the beginning of a real push?

Heath Slater is as relevant today as he was when he was with the original Nexus. This tag team gimmick with Rhyno has stuck and while I don’t think it’s something that will be permanent, as long as he continues to take advantage of opportunities, it will be a real push. But I don’t see him going any further than the midcard at this point. As is the case with Wyatt, it’s amazing to me that after more than six years, Slater is no further along than he is. There is a lot to like from him and the fact he’s gotten over in his limited opportunities should be a hint to the office to do more with him.

Is creative control more in Triple H’s hands now or is Vince McMahon more open to indie talent now?

Both of these things are correct as Triple H has a strong creative influence and Vince McMahon is open to the utilization of independent talent. If you’re referring specifically to Vince putting the title on AJ Styles, Vince loves AJ. We reported over the summer after Money in the Bank that Vince wanted to strap Styles before the end of the year and that he wished he would have signed him a decade ago. It’s rare a talent gets this high up on Vince’s list but AJ has won him over in a big way.

Is AJ Styles winning the title a sign that Dean Ambrose was not getting the job done?

I think it’s more about AJ Styles and less about Dean Ambrose but I do believe WWE has done a poor job at progressing Ambrose’s character. I’ve always felt that Ambrose’s ring gear hurt him because it doesn’t distinguish his character. The best job WWE has done with Ambrose was at Night of Champions 2014. Since then, they’ve tried to recapture that but haven’t been able to do so, not even with the WWE Championship.

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