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Brock Lesnar Saves Bland Cena Promo, How Vince Won By Burying Daniel Bryan, The Rock Finished With WWE, Comparing Rock/Cena To Rock/Hogan

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What are your thoughts on John Cena following his "Once in a Lifetime" match at Wrestlemania XXVIII?

Most fans were thrilled to see John Cena get pinned clean by The Rock at Wrestlemania XXVIII and while I was happy to see a clean outcome, the finish was worrisome. I maintained throughout the build to Wrestlemania it was going to be very difficult for The Rock to go over Cena clean if he wasn't returning to WWE full-time. He isn't returning full-time and it sets a dangerous precedent going forward. Prior to Brock Lesnar returning in the final segment of last night's Raw Supershow, Cena was delivering one most robotic, boring promos of all time. There HAS to be some type of gimmick transition for Cena following his loss to The Rock. Promising he's not going to lash out at the fans and "the better man won," makes him look incredibly weak and way below The Rock. The return of Lesnar saved the closing segment but the promo highlighted the monotony of Cena's character. We've literally SEEN ENOUGH and it's time for something to happen.

Is Vince McMahon going to exploit the Daniel Bryan situation and turn him into a top babyface or will he buried in favor of Sheamus?

There is no way to accurately predict Vince McMahon's mindset but part of me feels like he was patting himself on the back last night. Sheamus' 18-second squash of Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania has caused Bryan's stock to skyrocket and McMahon's pupils probably dilated to dollar signs last night. While I was very unhappy with the booking of the World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania but it has actually made the fans care more than they probably would have if they would have gotten a significant amount of time. Think about it this way, as good as the match could have been, was there any way they were going to top Cena/Rock, Jericho/Punk and Undertaker/Triple H? I'm not defending Vince McMahon but there is a method to his madness no matter how insane it seems at times.

What is The Rock's future with WWE going forward?

The Rock finished up his latest WWE return on last night's Raw Supershow. He is not in the plans going into the WWE Draft and will not return in the immediate future. There are plans to utilize him at Wrestlemania next year and possibly an event before then but he's not a full-time WWE superstar.

With WWE promoting The Rock vs. John Cena as "once in a lifetime," I feel like it's a bit ironic because Rock vs. Hulk Hogan was pretty much billed as the same thing. How do you feel the Rock vs Cena compares to Rock vs. Hogan?

The Rock vs. John Cena was bigger because it had a full year build and featured both workers still in the prime of their careers. Hogan vs. Rock was billed as a tremendous match but wasn't even the main event at Wrestlemania X8 (the show was headlined by Triple H vs. Chris Jericho). WWE has a way of "overlooking the past" or even forgetting it when it benefits them for obvious monetary purposes.

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