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Brock Lesnar To WWE, Daniel Bryan A Babyface; Why Sheamus Squashed Him, The Future Of Rock vs. Cena

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What is the latest on the Brock Lesnar signing with WWE rumors?

In my latest free update I noted Brock Lesnar was in Miami to meet with WWE officials with the hope of appearing at Wrestlemania 28 or Raw Supershow tonight. I have much more regarding Lesnar on my Backstage Blog and in the WNW Premium Area. I have the latest on Lesnar and I will be posting more shortly.

With the crowd reaction following the World Heavyweight Championship 'match' at Wrestlemania last night, can you see a forced heel turn for Sheamus, with the crowd backing Bryan after his burial?

Daniel Bryan was a babyface before WWE did the quick match with Sheamus going over. There were "Yes, Yes, Yes!" chants and signs with Sheamus the clear heel in the bout. In the best case scenario, last night's squash will lead to some gimmick progression, ditching the "cheating" gimmick and on to bigger and better things in the top of the card. Worse case, he's reduced back to a mid-card role. I will have my full reaction to the match in Richard Reacts to Wrestlemania XXVIII online later today.

Why did WWE put Sheamus over Daniel Bryan in 18 seconds at Wrestlemania?

I got word last night the match was a planned outcome and WWE had hoped to beat the time it took Kane to beat Chavo Guerrero for the ECW Championship at Wrestlemania XXIV back in 2008. My first thought was something had happened, such as an injury, that caused the quick finish but that doesn't appear to be the case.

What will happen with The Rock vs. John Cena now that their Wrestlemania match is over?

The Rock is advertised for tonight's Raw Supershow so I expect it to be addressed on tonight's show. Going forward, I am really hopeful for some character progression for Cena as a lot of people are thrilled he got pinned clean, however, it is worrisome that The Rock is near the end of his latest WWE run (before Wrestlemania XXIX next year) and Cena has to go forward as the loser. I'll elaborate much more in my Richard Reacts to Wrestlemania XXVIII feature coming later today.

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