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Brock Lesnar & WWE, Chris Jericho's Departure, Booker T's Status, Burying Talent

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I just heard Brock Lesnar will be included in the new WWE '12 game. Could that be the reason that Vince McMahon had a secret meeting with Dana White?

The meeting wasn't secret because Dana White actually Tweeted about it on his personal Twitter account. The two sides met to discuss business and other things but a topic of conversation was Brock Lesnar. I heard there was talk about a possible WWE DVD project on Lesnar but the fact he is heavily rumored to be included in WWE '12 could have been discussed as well.

What's the back story on Chris Jericho leaving WWE in the first place?

Chris Jericho's WWE contract expired and he walked away to pursue outside interests. Jericho had to turn down "Dancing with the Stars" once and wanted to take a break from the ring to be on the show as well as tour with his band Fozzy. Jericho also released the second part to his autobiography. He was believed to return to WWE this year but based on his most-recent comments, that decision might have been delayed.

Will Booker T return to the ring any time soon?

Booker T is retired from active competition and has adjusted well to his new role on commentary. He could still work if WWE had a storyline for him but as far as I know there are no plans for a full-time return.

I understand that WWE sometimes feels the need to "humble" a worker but isn't flat-out burying, like the kind we're currently seeing with John Morrison, illogical from an economic point of view? Their wrestlers are essentially their products. By burying Morrison aren't they taking someone who could become one of their top earners and potentially ruining his value permanently?

Any time a worker is buried they run the risk of having their character permanently damaged. This is why when WWE needs someone to get squashed by someone relatively unknown (such as Brodus Clay); they call in a local independent worker to do it. However, WWE does have the ability to build someone back up after jobbing them out. As for John Morrison, I don't agree with the way he is being booked but he's far from being "ruined."

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