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Brock Lesnar-WWE Return Rumors, Surprises In The 30-Man Rumble Match, Daniel Bryan Weak?, RVD Back To WWE

If Brock Lesnar would return to WWE before his medical suspension is lifted, would he still be bound by it?

Medical suspensions are issued to protect the fighter; however, I'm unsure if it would prevent Brock Lesnar from competing in WWE ring. In order for Lesnar to return to WWE, he has to want to return and then be legally cleared of his UFC contract. Many in WWE are doubtful that Lesnar is coming back as Jim Ross made a very bold statement by saying he would be shocked to see Lesnar remotely near a WWE event in 2012. While WWE return rumors started the moment Lesnar announced his UFC retirement, we haven't heard anything from Lesnar as of this writing.

Are there any surprises planned for this year's 30-man Royal Rumble match?

I haven't heard of any planned surprises for the 30-man Royal Rumble match but the company usually includes one or two every year. Christian will probably be a popular name to return although from what I understand, his ankle is still in rough shape. I do anticipate at least one name that isn't a WWE regular to appear in the match.

Why is WWE booking Daniel Bryan to make him look weak?

WWE isn’t making Daniel Bryan look weak; however, they aren’t booking him like a World Heavyweight Champion they have full confidence in either. Yesterday I criticized his match on Monday against Cody Rhodes based on the quick finish and positioning on the card. Bryan will defend the strap on this week's Smackdown against Big Show in a match that was taped last night. You can read full taping results at this link.

Do you really see Rob Van Dam returning to WWE in the near future?

I reported here on Premium on November 22, 2011 that Rob Van Dam was extremely frustrated with his position in TNA, however, noted he is still under contract. While similar reports are just now starting to hit the Internet, RVD has to be out of his TNA contract before a WWE return can be considered.

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