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Brock Must Win, Piper/Flair Special, Bourne's Road Back, No Ladder For Swagger, Jericho Giving Back

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Chris Jericho

Who benefits more from a win in Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules?

As I stated on my Facebook account, Brock Lesnar has to go over at Extreme Rules. How could WWE book Lesnar going forward with three out of four of his matches being losses? I know wins and losses aren't everything and they seem to mean even less nowadays, however, WWE is absolutely killing a major opportunity with Lesnar. Rather than booking him as the dominant monster from UFC, he's racked up the losses. A loss here doesn't hurt Triple H but it greatly damages Lesnar going forward.

I remember you reporting in February that Roddy Piper and Ric Flair taped appearances on ABC's "Celebrity Wife Swap." When is it scheduled to air?

The episode of "Celebrity Wife Swap" featuring Ric Flair and Roddy Piper is currently scheduled to air on June 23, 2013 at 8/7c on ABC. Click here for more on the show.

What was the word on Evan Bourne after he worked a NXT house show, is there any idea on when he'll be back on TV and does he still have any backstage heat from his suspensions shortly before his injury?

Evan Bourne wasn't ready to return after testing his foot out at an NXT live event in March (video here). The last I heard he is closer to returning today but he's not by any means in a "safe" position in WWE. In fact, he was one name specifically mentioned to us as someone that remains on the "endangered species" list due to his consecutive Wellness violations prior to suffering his career-threatening injury. It would be very disappointing to see Bourne get released after all his hard work and I'm rooting for his comeback, however, failing consecutive Wellness tests for the same thing (synthetic marijuana) is mind-boggling.

What are your thoughts on abandoning the Ladder Match at Extreme Rules for an "I Quit" match?

Jack Swagger, who Dolph Ziggler coined "Classic Swags," nearly took out Alberto Del Rio with a ladder on Raw last week and put the World Heavyweight Champion on the shelf when going for one the next night. I'm not sure taking the ladder out of the equation is a bad move at this point. In all seriousness, Ziggler not being able to work hurts the Extreme Rules lineup. Swagger vs. Del Rio in an "I Quit" number one contenders bout isn't of the same quality but at least they aren't killing Ziggler's push and are leaving the title on him.

Where is WWE going with Fandango and Chris Jericho?

Let me start by giving Chris Jericho props. In a day where people sign on to work limited dates to put themselves over, no one has worked harder in trying to help Fandango than Chris Jericho. He's agreed to go under at live events, worked him at Wrestlemania and is doing all he can to help the young guy get heat. This business needs more guys like Chris Jericho. While one of the best and a true legend, he's willing to put the business first and help pass the torch. With that being said, they're trying to get Fandango over as a credible heel. This is why they did what they did on this week's Raw although aside from a good promo by Chris Jericho, I'm not sure it was effective unless the goal was to get people to change the channel.

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