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Brodus Clay At Wrestlemania, Dark Live Events, Cena & Rock Taking A Backseat To Triple H & Undertaker, Free Time In WWE

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Does WWE have any plans to involve Brodus Clay in Wrestlemania XXVIII, possible a spot in the 12-man tag team match?

Brodus Clay has been rumored for the 12-man tag team match at Wrestlemania but I honestly think it's too late to add him. Clay was kept off television again last night and limited to only working a dark match against Michael McGillicutty. WWE seems very hesitant about pushing Clay given the problems they have already had with him. There is still room for him to be a late addition to "Team Teddy" and I'll have more regarding his status later in the week.

Why are all WWE live events so dark?

WWE doesn't need the lighting necessary for television at live events. They turn the house lights down and adjust the lighting to focus on the in-ring action. There is no reason to light the crowd when the cameras aren't filming.

Do you feel Triple H vs. The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell with Shawn Michaels as special guest referee at Wrestlemania is getting more hype than John Cena vs. The Rock?

No and I was actually glad to see John Cena and The Rock take a backseat on last night's Raw Supershow to Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker and Triple H. I have already heard readers say they are sick of The Rock with the typical anti-Cena comments. Wrestling fans get burned out easy so WWE has to be careful not to overdo Cena and Rock before the main event at Wrestlemania. This is one of the reasons I was so against The Rock wrestling at Survivor Series. Anticipation for the match needs to be at an all-time high after next week's Raw Supershow and hopefully the one-hour documentary that will precede it will rejuvenate any lost interest.

In yesterday's Ask WNW you talked about workers finding gyms when they arrived in cities. Do the stars have any free time in cities just to knock around?

WWE workers have free time in the cities they tour and while things aren't as wild as they used to be, there are still several people that love to party. A lot of workers still frequent bars after shows and enjoy drinks with their friends. You can read about some of the stuff that happened after last week's Raw Supershow at this link.

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