Daniel Bryan A Main Eventer, Fandango's Return, Required Sabbaticals, Christian

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I'm happy Daniel Bryan is finally getting the push he deserves, as are you, but do you think it'll be a full force run? It's quite hard for someone his size to have a long memorable run, especially in WWE.

I am very optimistic regarding Daniel Bryan in WWE and do not feel size will hold him back. The barrier was broken with CM Punk and I don't see the company turning back now. Bryan has had success at every gimmick WWE has thrown at him and is now working at a level above everyone else. There is no use at me even gushing about it, go back and watch the past two episodes of Monday Night Raw. Bryan is on another planet right now and the company realizes that and plans to reward him.

Any news on Fandango's condition? Will he be returning soon, and upon his return will he get an Intercontinental title match?

I do not have an update on Fandango but I am under the impression he was pulled from WWE Payback for precautionary measures only. The fact that he's already passed an Impact concussion test tells me the company wants to be 100% sure he's not suffering from post-concussion syndrome. As for an Intercontinental Championship match that depends on how the triple threat bout is booked at the pay-per-view on Sunday.

With superstars going on sabbaticals for a couple of months and returning in better health, with better morale and causing an increase in ratings and fan interest because absence makes the heart grow fonder - would it not be worthwhile making it a requirement for all WWE workers that they take a two month break every year?

No, this wouldn't work. Not everyone is Triple H or CM Punk or Brock Lesnar where they can disappear and return right back at the top. A lot of workers are still trying to get recognized by the audience and would lose their spot if they were required to take time off. I had a chat with someone in WWE earlier in the week and we discussed the company's handling of Fandango. A worker like Fandango is trying to get established and while it's a good thing WWE is being ultra careful with his health, will it cause workers not to report concussion symptoms in fear they'll be forced to take time off? Taking time off causes a worker's pay to go down. Guys with large downsides and established fan bases do not feel it but the majority of workers rely on this money just to make ends meet.

Any update on Christian? I know it's mind boggling that he is not heard from or even an update on his whereabouts. Do you know when his contract is up?

The latest update on Christian is there is no update. Everything we hear continues to indicate there are plans for him in WWE but so far, nothing. He was at Wrestlemania Fan Axxess in New Jersey over Wrestlemania 29 weekend and is expected back soon.

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