Bullying In WWE, Why John Morrison Is Leaving, Cena Already Heel?, TNA Pushing WWE Names


WWE has this anti-bully campaign going on meaning that they're against bullying yet they feature things that are associated with bullying such as Jerry Lawler's irritating fat jokes towards Vickie Guerrero and Jim Ross being humiliated and insulted about his health problems. Does this make WWE hypocritical?

The WWE "Be A Star" anti-bullying campaign is one of the most hypocritical public initiatives that WWE has ever tried to accomplish. The company is run under the "high school jock" mentality, where bullying is frequent. Not only does ribbing amongst the workers take place but there are situations that are even accurately portrayed in storylines on television (such as the stuff WWE does with Jim Ross). WWE posted a controversial article on Thanksgiving looking at turkeys in the ring, essentially burying at least two former names in Kizarny and Big Vito. I can't answer why this is done but I am in complete agreement that it is hypocritical.

Why is John Morrison leaving WWE?

John Morrison's WWE contract expires tomorrow and he chose not to re-sign. I don't know how much this relates back to Melina but I have to believe she is a factor in his decision to walk. He wasn't a top priority in terms of WWE trying to re-sign him but I was told an offer was made. At this point it looks like Morrison could be headed to TNA Impact Wrestling with Melina.

Everybody is always thinking that WWE will turn John Cena heel. Isn't he technically a heel? He is always getting booed. It is sort of like CM Punk where he was a heel but always got cheered.

The issue goes deeper than if John Cena is being cheered or booed. Most fans, me included, want to see progression in the John Cena character. When WWE went away from the rap gimmick and made Cena the super human force that "overcame the odds," he gained a huge following as a fan favorite. However, I believe it's a case where WWE has rode it too long because of how much merchandise he moves and the argument has always been - no matter if fans boo or cheer Cena, they passionately care and he makes the company money. The reason a lot of people call Cena a modern day Hulk Hogan is the same thing happened with the Hogan character which eventually led to the biggest heel turn of all time. I speak for many when I say that I hope something happens in his match with The Rock at Wrestlemania XXVIII that will make the Cena character more interesting.

Why does TNA try and sign all names that leave WWE instead of building up their own names?

TNA pursues WWE talent because of name recognition and the fact that WWE wrestlers are the best in the world at what they do. If you are a top wrestler in the world in 2011, you are going to work for WWE. There are exceptions like Kurt Angle but the fact of the matter is WWE is the top wrestling company in the world and offers their performers the best chance to make a lot of money. People that can't make it in WWE or choose to leave due to certain circumstances, look for work in TNA because it gives them an opportunity to make money on a mainstream platform. I agree TNA should focus on home-growing talent; however, it's also important they keep some of the names that have been around to make people care. So far, TNA hasn't been able to make that work despite some of the biggest names in the business such as Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and Sting. Vince McMahon's mentality is if these workers can't make TNA competitive than why should he worry about mid-card workers like John Morrison jumping ship?

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