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Can A Main Eventer Request A Title Shot?, Jeff Jarrett's Title Reign, Kharma's Return, The Cody Rhodes Character

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How much stroke does a main event talent have in WWE? For example, can they approach Vince McMahon and request a title shot?

Title shots come down to the right situation and are ultimately guided under the direction of the WWE writing team and of course Vince McMahon. While a main event worker has more leverage to lobby for a title reign, they can't just request one and get it. The outcomes are scripted but to be champion is a big deal and provides the worker with an opportunity to make a lot of money. The more stroke the worker has, the more input they have in the direction of their character and storylines. However, no one runs over Vince McMahon and as you can probably imagine, McMahon's ego is big enough to hold his own. This is absolutely crucial in a business controlled by politics and manipulation.

What is the story with Jeff Jarrett and the Mexican Heavyweight Championship belt he wears?

Jeff Jarrett is the current AAA Heavyweight Champion. TNA hasn't been referring to the title as the AAA Heavyweight Championship because promoter Steve Ship owns all the United States rights to AAA's intellectual property. AAA is not legally allowed to tour in the United States unless Ship is the promoter and Jarrett can't wear the AAA insignias on the title belt. Ship is currently not doing business with AAA because he was behind the Lucha Libre USA promotion on MTV2. AAA officials have been in talks with TNA officials about running joint shows.

Do you have any updates on Kharma's pregnancy?

Kharma has remained very private during her pregnancy but when she announced she was pregnant at the end of May, she was believed to be out until mid-2012. I could see WWE bringing her back at Wrestlemania XXVIII but that's speculation on my part.

Why does WWE keep changing the Cody Rhodes character and music? From "Dashing" to "dark" to his latest mask less and knee pad transition.

WWE continues to tweak the Cody Rhodes character to elevate him. The "dashing" gimmick worked to a point but it wasn't a gimmick that could be used in the top of the card. The mask helped establish his "demented" personality but it couldn't continue forever. Character progression is important to keep the worker fresh and Cody seems primed to work in the top of the card. As for the knee pads, he looked silly without them.

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