Careful With HBK Comparisons, NXT TV Home, Return Updates, Orton A Main Eventer

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I can't help but notice similarities between Dolph Ziggler and Shawn Michaels. I understand that this is a lot to put on Dolph but I feel he has just as much potential as Michaels did back in the 90's. What do you think about this?

I am high up on Dolph Ziggler and feel he has all the tools to be a major star in this business. I'll remind everyone the three things I evaluate talent on and that is look, in-ring and mic work. I give Ziggler high marks on all three, however, I want to push back on the comparisons to Shawn Michaels for now. We all want to find "the next Shawn Michaels" and get behind one of these younger guys to be the "next legend" but it's premature. Let me give you a good example why it's not a good idea to make this comparison. Remember John Morrison? Prior to the rise of Ziggler, people were saying he was the "next Shawn Michaels." Morrison has now been out of WWE for two years and is nowhere near the legacy of HBK. We have to be careful when comparing current talent to past legends.

When the WWE Network launches is it possible that NXT will air on it or will they continue with Hulu Plus?

There is a good chance NXT will be included on the WWE Network when/if? it launches. One of the things the WWE Network will provide is a guaranteed home for any of WWE's programming. NXT is a great program to help familiarize the WWE audience with talent before they make it to the main roster so WWE wants as many eyes on it as possible. This was actually the idea behind the original NXT series that overtook the ECW series on SyFy.

Do you have return updates on Big Show, Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne?

Big Show is slated to return to WWE at the middle of this month as he's been out with a torn labrum. The storyline explanation is he has an "iron clad contract," that allows him to work when he wants. Kofi Kingston is on the booking sheets for WWE's tour of Australia later this month. He underwent surgery on his left elbow in May. The storyline explanation for Kofi's absence is an "attack" from Ryback. Finally, there is no return date set for Evan Bourne but I'm told "no one" is excited as Evan to get back to WWE.

Do you think Randy Orton will ever get back to the main event level?

WWE is already teasing the idea of Randy Orton back in the main event after a year of regressing him to the upper mid card due to a Wellness violation in May 2012. Randy has made plenty of mistakes but he's only 33 and has a lot of time left in the prime of his career.

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