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Cena Behind Bella Record? Plans For Champion Sheamus? Sting Badly Booked?

Nikki Bella & John Cena

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There have been major rumours in other places that the only reason Nikki was able to reach this record breaking run was because of John Cena getting it to happen, can you put this rumour to rest?

It isn’t a surprise that this rumour has grown legs as it is such an obvious one! John Cena is the WWE golden boy and one of a handful of people that can influence the top decision makers. And of course Nikki has been dating Cena for the last three years so it is easy to see how people could make that connection.

The highly respected Dave Meltzer was recently asked about this and confirmed that Cena has spoken up on her behalf previously when about to lose the title but could not confirm if he had done so since the recent NXT invasion and changes in the division.

The truth is, like most internet rumours, is the only people who really know the truth are the parties involved. And remember anyone can publish anything and it can soon get a few RTs on Twitter and suddenly it is everywhere. CM Punk would probably spin it a different way and say it could have been anyone and it was just Vince’s way of getting back at him and AJ. That’s why Wrestling News World is great, we only publish real news or rumours that have come from a verified source.

It’s clear WWE will be doing Rollins vs Triple H at WrestleMania with The Celtic Warrior cashing in between now and then, but where does that leave him and who will be going after the title?

Firstly I agree Rollins vs Triple H looks inevitable, but I wouldn’t be so sure it will be at WrestleMania. There is concern in the company about ratings at the moment so I wouldn’t rule it out as a feud for Hell In A Cell and Survivor Series.

As far as Sheamus goes, if he joins up with The Authority as champion in place of Rollins there are a few possibilities. The top full-time babyface in the company remains John Cena, followed by Randy Orton, but given his recent popularity Cesaro could be given a chance or it could be decided that it is time to give Roman Reigns another shot.
But due to the current panic over ratings the company could decide those last two options pose too much of a risk and the most likely scenario would be to put Brock Lesnar back in the title fold if they can agree a schedule. There are no other current babyfaces that I can see either competing for or wearing the belt.

Was Sting brought to WWE to lose? First Triple H at WrestleMania and looks likely the same at NOC. Why would he come to WWE to finish his career in such a poor way?

As much as we get hung up on results and a win damaging for ‘x’, or a dirty finish not helping character ‘y’, results in wrestling don’t really matter. Sting has pretty much done it all in wrestling and just walking down that ramp at WrestleMania was him ticking off one of very few empty boxes. The result was irrelevant, he had his moment on the biggest stage and went out with dignity. I was surprised to see him back but Sting has said he is really happy to be involved and Vince has said he is pleasantly surprised with his abilities at the age of 56, these matches are like an unexpected bonus.

So I think all parties are just making the best of the situation and even if Sting were to lose again at NOC it is not going to have any impact on his legacy. He definitely wasn’t just brought in as a jobber, his presence in WWE2K15 and on the Network is evidence of the respect WWE has for his past achievements.

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