Cena To Create Stability, SummerSlam Bouts For Roman Reigns, Swagger Reckless?, CM Punk & AJ Lee, Axel & Ryback Had Their Chance In The Top Of The Card

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Does it make sense that The Authority would be willing to put Roman Reigns in the Fatal 4-Way match at WWE Battleground? Last I checked they wanted nothing to do with Reigns being in the title picture.

I immediately thought it was strange when Triple H announced Roman Reigns as a challenger in the main event at Battleground. We can either chalk this up as another logic gap or that there is "more to the story," like there was with The Authority "congratulating" John Cena. You weren't alone in noticing that and WWE will look to create stability in the top of the card with John Cena defending the title at Battleground against Kane, Randy Orton and the aforementioned Reigns. There could be teases of Seth Rollins "cashing in" but pretty much everyone at this point sees Cena defending the title against Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. Cena vs. Lesnar is 100% the direction for SummerSlam, as we learned with release of the SummerSlam promotional poster.

After Monday's stare down, is it to be assumed it will be Roman Reigns vs. Triple H at SummerSlam?

Did you see what I did with questions 1 and 2? As we reported here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com, the two proposed SummerSlam matches for Roman Reigns heading into Money in the Bank were either Triple H vs. Reigns or if Hunter decided not to work, Randy Orton vs. Reigns. I expect one of the two to happen as things currently stand.

Is it just me or does it seem like Jack Swagger is reckless in the ring? Due to the fact he's injured two superstars on two separate occasions when their careers were just starting to go upward.

Dolph Ziggler was concussed at the foot off Jack Swagger (due to an errant kick) and now Wade Barrett suffered a separated shoulder while working with him. Is it the wrong place at the wrong time, bad luck or is there a problem with Swagger? I'm not going to do the finger pointing but I'll tell you one of the things Bret Hart was the most proud about in his career was that he never injured someone else. Hart's career was ended off an errant kick from Bill Goldberg.

Are AJ Lee and CM Punk married?

AJ Lee and CM Punk are believed to have been married at a small private ceremony last month. We noted the rumor but didn't confirm it as it was their request for personal privacy. As noted, AJ Lee remains in great standing with WWE and is one of Vince McMahon's favorites. He sees her as the current face of the Divas division.

When do you think Curtis Axel will get a push as a singles performer?

I hate to disappoint Curtis Axel fans but I'm afraid he had his opportunity last year. So did Ryback. There's always a chance WWE could try again with either but there's a long list of talent in front of them.

From the Ask WNW vault…

November 2012: What is the competition like in terms of WWE workers trying to outdo one another with their in-ring work? - The competition is very stiff in WWE as everyone wants to “steal the show” and put on the “match of the night.” While outcomes are predetermined, how a worker gets over determines how they are booked which in turn determines how much they earn. No matter where a worker is booked on the card they are trying to show they are capable of more. I can assure you no one wants to go out and get no reaction from the crowd.

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