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Cena A Heyman Guy, Interest In Impact, Natalya Underrated, CM Punk/WWE Issues

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I'm wondering, after watching the promo between John Cena and Paul Heyman from this week's Raw, and with Brock Lesnar being part time, do you see Cena possibly turning heel by becoming a Heyman Guy?

You aren't the only one calling for WWE to pair John Cena with Paul Heyman, turning Cena heel in a swerve that would be surprising. However, I just don't see it happening. WWE has had perfect opportunities to turn Cena heel in the past and haven't utilized them. It's literally a situation I'd have to see to believe and can't even give serious speculation to it because I know the internal reluctance within WWE to alter the John Cena character. I'll also remind you that Paul Heyman has had success as the manager of Brock Lesnar and CM Punk but the other "Paul Heyman Guys" have been pretty epic failures. We can blame the guys and not Heyman himself but I just want to remind everyone that pairing someone with Paul Heyman doesn't guarantee a perfect match.

I have read on several sites there are multiple channels that TNA is in contact with as far as broadcasting Impact (i.e. WGN, Velocity). If a bigger channel picks them up, what do you think are the chances of them getting a second show on a smaller channel, like Velocity? Also do you think a second show would help their product?

First, let's clear up where you are reading this material. Just because something is on multiple sites, doesn't necessarily mean that interest is great. The majority of wrestling websites feature content written from a handful of places and there's a lot of duplicate content. So I just want to clear up there isn't a bidding war ongoing for TNA's programming - actually far from it. TNA is trying to find a domestic partner for their television with the help of the United Talent Agency.

While Spike TV endures a lot of criticism, they are by far and away TNA's best option. They have the demographic and the clearance that gives TNA the best chance to succeed, however, I'm told Spike is looking to move on. Given the fact WWE had little interest in their programming when they were out in the marketplace earlier this year, it's very easy to see how TNA is in trouble. If TNA signs with a network such as Velocity, they will be forced to operate in a scaled back form. As for a second program, TNA has one in Xplosion that airs in international markets, however, the last thing they need is more programming. All of the focus must be placed on getting people to watch Impact in order for them to move forward.

Who in WWE's Diva division is the most over/underrated?

I will tell everyone that will listen that Natalya is the most underrated/underutilized Diva in WWE. She's one of the best female workers in the world, has the look and the personality to be one of the greatest. I can't explain why she is only a 1-time WWE Divas Champion and often brushed to the side. As for overrated, I feel like we could pick from the cast of Total Divas. Eva Marie is marketable but lacks in-ring ability. Rosa Mendes is controversial but continuously looks lost in her matches. Summer Rae seems to be polarizing but there are number of females that could outwork her given the opportunity. I am a believer in both Paige and AJ Lee so I'm sorry to disappoint if you were hoping I'd mention one of them. Paige has been much better since the turn and I believe she was just nervous. AJ Lee, criticized by many, is one of my favorite Divas in the company. She's one of the few that always gets my attention when she comes out. I don't know what to think of The Bella Twins. There are times when I like their work and times like right now, when I am very down on them.

Is there any update on CM Punk following the legal letter he reportedly sent WWE?

There was a notable update on CM Punk/WWE this week as the company has discontinued all CM Punk merchandise. I assume this has to do with Punk's legal letter but please realize, a lawsuit has not been filed by either party at this time.

From the Ask WNW vault…

November 2012: Given all the Divas that have left WWE over the past few months, what’s the latest on the division? - Eve Torres is the new face of the WWE Divas division with Kaitlyn and Aksana also having significant roles. AJ Lee is basically where Eve was several months ago when she was the “executive assistant” of John Laurinaitis, as she is in a prominent role but not currently a viable challenger for the Divas Championship. There are clearly big plans to push Tamina Snuka as a heel in a role where she is friendly with Vickie Guerrero. While WWE could give programs for the Divas Championship more build, I don’t completely agree with Edge that there are no opportunities. AJ Lee has a huge opportunity right now in a very prominent angle on Raw with Vickie and John Cena.

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