Cena/Del Rio US Title Match, Breeze/Ziggler Feud, Whereabouts Of Swagger/Fandango/Rose, Undertaker's Final Run?

Alberto Del Rio

How do you feel about John Cena losing the United States Championship to Alberto Del Rio in a lame match? When there are others like Cesaro who lost to Cena in a match of the year candidate.

Personally I have no problem with Alberto Del Rio coming in and beating John Cena for the United States Championship. While I agree that someone like Cesaro, who has had some fantastic matches with Cena could have benefited more from winning the belt I think having a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion in Alberto Del Rio be the man to beat Cena is a more realistic booking decision, especially with having to take the title off Cena so quick so that he can take time off. You could tell that there was a direction of Cena losing from the commentary with how I recall one of them (I think it was King) saying that Cena looked off his game and surprised he was facing Del Rio. Del Rio is an established name and you know he will be able to easily draw heat with being a Mexican holding the US Title. With Zeb Colter by his side as his potential mouthpiece I believe Del Rio is set up for a promising run in WWE this time around. He looked healthier and happier in himself at Hell in a Cell, and I think having him take on the United States Championship is a wiser move then just shoving him into the main event picture right off the bat. I would see this as a chance for someone like Cesaro to establish himself some more and step up to be the guy who takes the mantle after Del Rio.

I always thought Tyler Breeze looked like Dolph Zigler's little brother or the next Dolph Ziggler. I'm excited to see them work together. What do you think about the angle with these two?

I'm really excited to see that Breeze is going to feud with Dolph Ziggler. I do see some similarities in them, more so in the way they look and portray their characters. I wouldn't want to call Breeze the next Dolph Ziggler, as I think any worker would rather not be thought of as the next anybody, because any worker wants to be unique and different. I think Ziggler and Breeze could have some amazing chemistry and put on some great matches going forward. I just hope that Summer Rae doesn't become too much of a focal point in this and the work is left to Dolph and Breeze. This is going to be a great opportunity for Tyler Breeze to establish himself as a top talent and an opportunity for Dolph to put on some great matches and help establish another top talent for the future. No matter what it's going to be an exciting feud to watch play out on our screens for sure.

Where are Jack Swagger, Fandango and Adam Rose?

All three men are still very much employed by WWE. The fact is they just don't really have anything on television right now apart from appearances on Superstars or Main Event most of the time. Neither of the three names mentioned are seen as essential talent and are more used nowadays to put over up and coming talent. The last time we saw Jack Swagger in action was on WWE Superstars in early October where he defeated Adam Rose, Adam Rose was last seen on WWE Main Event on 14th October where he lost to Ryback, and Fandango can be seen on this weeks edition of WWE Superstars as he faces off against Bo Dallas. If you want to know how he go on you can read the spoilers here. I'm sure should the creative direction change for any of the three we will see them on television sooner rather than later, but for now I don't see anything big in their futures.

Are we seeing the Undertaker's final run without it being said? Between the matches with Lesnar, celebrating 25 years of him at Survivor Series, and setting up a feud with the Wyatt's, everything looks like they are doing his final ride into the sunset.

With the way Undertaker was stood in the ring after his match against Brock Lesnar at Hell in a Cell I can easily see why you would think this because I felt it too. The way everything was going down, even to the "Thank you Taker" chants from the crowd, it almost felt as if it signified the beginning of the end. I don't want to speculate too much because clearly the only person who knows when he's done is the Undertaker but I personally wouldn't be surprised if this really was the beginning of the end. Undertaker has given a lot to WWE, and to us as fans for almost 25 years. Seriously, he's been in wrestling since I was a fan and to see him still there today is like the last attachment of my childhood. When Taker finally does retire, whether it's at this years Wrestlemania or not, I fully expect WWE to make a huge deal of it. I mean, how could they not? The man has given everything to WWE over the years and while John Cena might be the current face of WWE, Undertaker has to be considered the true face of WWE. I'm expecting the Wyatt feud will take us up to or past Survivor Series and be a filler until his Wrestlemania feud is set up around Royal Rumble time. It would be cool to see Undertaker team with Kane and two others to go up against the Wyatt's in a traditional Survivor Series elimination match but we will have to wait and see what the direction of that one is.

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