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Cena's Jab At Undertaker, WWE Burying Daniel Bryan, Bad Acting, Rose's Bunny

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While I found the segment between John Cena and Paul Heyman on this week's Raw both compelling and entertaining, I didn't like Cena's jab at The Undertaker. To me, it came off as disrespectful. What did you think?

John Cena's jab at The Undertaker in the segment with Paul Heyman on this week's season premiere of WWE Raw was strange. It was very noticeable and we provided a transcription here at It's even more odd given the fact WWE creative has been so careful in booking Cena to try and limit heel reactions (they went as far as incorporating Cena's Make-A-Wish/charitable efforts to generate a pop on Monday). Surely they had to have known any mention of Undertaker in a negative light was going to result in heat. It's possible WWE wants to keep the seed planted to setup a potential Cena vs. Undertaker match in the future. There could be some sort of underlying issue that we haven't heard about between Undertaker and WWE management, where they wanted to subtly "send a message" or it's entirely possible that it meant nothing. It's possible WWE just wanted Cena to remind fans he's one of the WWE elite and is more than capable of beating Lesnar at Night of Champions, despite the way the SummerSlam main event was booked. I truly believe that Vince McMahon felt at least some regret for the one-sided booking of Cena vs. Lesnar II, which is why he panicked and had Cena destroy Bray Wyatt a week later. Regardless of what the Undertaker line meant, I didn't feel it was disrespectful. It was odd, out of place and left plenty of people talking but things like that don't offend me.

In Tuesday's Ask WNW you asserted WWE calling Daniel Bryan a "serial adulterer" was just another way to bury him. Why would WWE do that?

I can't explain why WWE and Vince McMahon feel the need to take shots at Daniel Bryan. Scripting him as a "serial adulterer," with JBL calling him the "Tiger Woods of Sports Entertainment" with no followup just seems useless. As I mentioned Tuesday, I was initially OK with it because I hoped it was a way to get Daniel Bryan back in the spotlight but it ended up just a throwaway side element that has resulted in the horrific Bella Twins program. Bryan explained why he didn't like it, admitting it added nothing to the story, it was stupid and groan-worthy. I agree.

Watching the program between the Bella Twins leads me to wonder, do workers receive any feedback on their acting skills? Surely they receive some backstage guidance on acting and/or mannerisms to improve their on-screen persona.

Everything a performer does is critiqued, including elements that most people overlook such as when a performer removes a jacket (if they wear one to the ring). Greener talent are critiqued more carefully, especially if the segment goes bad. That's not to say the entire process is micromanaged to the point where even the smallest details are scripted but the producers work with talent to make segments and matches come off as realistic and entertaining as possible. Anything that could potentially "undermine" the business can become an issue. There have been situations in the past of talent getting nuclear heat for things I consider to be minimal - such as a female worker putting their hands on a referee. So to answer your question, I'm sure the Bella Twins have been coached in their program against one another and they're doing all they to help it (by working stiff). As bad as the acting has been, I don't think it's why the program has been such a flop. The program has been poorly written, which is evident by the over-the-top lines (I wish you would have died in the womb) and the lack of a clear heel and a clear babyface. Adding Jerry Springer didn't help things either.

Who is Adam Rose's bunny?

With WWE renewing focus on Adam Rose post-SummerSlam, the talk of who is behind the bunny costume is once again a hot topic. What does that say about the current state of WWE storylines? Zack Ryder stated in May it wasn't him.

Someone linked me to a report saying it was Darren Young. All I know about Young is that he's in the final stages of rehab for a torn ACL and had a checkup this week in Birmingham, Alabama. He Tweeted the following on Wednesday afternoon:

Forgive me if this sounds crass but I'm not all that interested in the identity of Rose's bunny.

From the Ask WNW vault…

August 2014: When and how did Daniel Bryan get his injury? - It’s my understanding that Daniel Bryan’s injury was an accumulation of injuries that resulted in foraminal stenosis. In foraminal stenosis, a nerve root is compressed inside the neural foramen. The compression is the result of wear and tear on the spine. This is why Bryan underwent a procedure known as a cervical foraminotomy. You can read about the initial procedure at this link and get more details from a medical perspective at this link.

The second surgery that has been talked about deals with his elbow, not his neck. Apparently it’s a nerve injury there that’s causing him not to re-gain the strength in his arm. Bryan talked about that in a press conference after apprehending a burglar at his house. You can read my report from last month at this link.

Obviously neck and nerve injuries are serious, complicated and unpredictable. I can tell you from WWE’s side the company has labeled him as “out indefinitely” and he is not currently in any creative plans. This could change if he receives a timetable as to when he would be eligible to return. However, a timetable is difficult because it all depends on how the nerve injuries heel.

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