Cesaro Leaving WWE?, Best European Wrestler, How Much Stephanie McMahon Made In 2015, Lashley's Next Fight

Bruno Sammartino

I’ve read Cesaro is leaving WWE after the Best of Seven Series. Is there any truth to this?

The only place online I have found the rumor about Cesaro’s WWE contract coming up soon and that he may walk is here on the 411Mania website. I am unable to confirm that to be the case and that’s not what I have been told. You can read the current plan for the Best of Seven Series here in our Members content. Based on what happened today with Cesaro winning, it certainly looks like the plan we detailed is still the plan they are going with. It is possible that could change but that information is good as of Tuesday night. Cesaro has been vastly underutilized, was originally supposed to be traded to Smackdown, wanted to go to Smackdown and there has even been talk of trading him. Vince McMahon is concerned about roster depth and I see someone like Cesaro as capable of much more than what he has done over the course of his WWE career. I believe Vince’s gripe on Cesaro is that he lacks charisma.

In your opinion, who is/has been the best European wrestler of all time?

I usually do not like to answer “best of all time” questions because they are so subjective and highly debated. But Bruno Sammartino (Italy) and Andre the Giant (France) should be near the top over everyone’s list. Other names we could add to that conversation but on another tier would include “The British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith, William Regal and The Dynamite Kid. Newer fans may want to include Sheamus (Ireland), Wade Barrett (England) and Cesaro (Switzerland) or some may say I’m leaving out Fit Finlay (Northern Ireland) or Alex Wright. Do you see how they are highly debated? But without a doubt, Bruno and Andre are in a class of their own in terms of giving us what we have today.

What is Stephanie McMahon’s annual WWE salary?

Stephanie McMahon made $1,738,950 in 2015, which included her work as Chief Brand Officer and on-air role as a member of The Authority. Triple H made $3.1 million in 2015.

Is The Usos (awesome) heel turn the key to their return to relevancy?

The heel turn of The Usos was the most interesting thing to happen to their characters for as long as I can remember. It went over well and hopefully, it will reset them to upper midcard roles. One thing that has bothered Vince McMahon about The Usos is the amount of diving they do in the ring as Vince feels it makes them both injury prone and unreliable. He’s asked them to dial it back on more than one occasion. I believe Jimmy and Jey are both extremely talented and the heel turn on Smackdown flashed that massive upside we’ve seen before.

Any word on who Bobby Lashley will fight next in Bellator?

Bobby Lashley is scheduled to fight Josh Appelt at Bellator 162 at the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee. The event will air live in prime time on Spike TV. TNA will hope that he continues his winning streak (which current sits at seven) as he’s clearly the face of the company. Lashley has a pretty good deal as he’s the top guy in TNA and gets to stay relevant in the mainstream by fighting for Bellator. He’s 40 years old so age is not on his side but he’s carved out a nice niche since leaving WWE in 2008.

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