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Changes To Raw With Extra Hour, John Laurinaitis' Job in WWE, Kevin Nash's Status, Where You Can Watch WWE NXT

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What do you see changing with Raw Supershow going three hours each week? Do you see a return to the two hour format?

One of the things WWE wants to do with the extra hour is to incorporate more social media aspects into the show by letting fans effect something every week. Stephanie McMahon said last month that fans would have a chance to determine things such as matches and stipulations but left the possibilities open by saying "anything and everything" with different things each week. As for WWE going back to two hours, I could see this happening if the three-hour format doesn't draw and tanks in the ratings.

What's the latest on John Laurinaitis and his position within WWE?

John Laurinaitis is no longer the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations in real life as Triple H has assumed that role. I'm not sure if Big Johnny is still in some type of managerial role or if he is strictly just an on-air character. I have heard for months the ultimate plan was for him to be an on-air character only. Click here for more.

Is Kevin Nash still under WWE contract and if so where has he been?

Kevin Nash is under a WWE Legend's Contract with WWE, basically giving them the right to use his name to distribute merchandise. He's there if they need him but there hasn't been any interest in using him. Based on Nash's Tweet from earlier in the week it seems like he's getting bored sitting on the sidelines so it will be interesting to see if he pushes to get back on TV or perhaps negotiates his release to go back to TNA. Nash's in-ring career in WWE was believed to have ended after his program with Triple H last year.

Will the revamped season six of WWE NXT be available in the United States?

I heard the preliminary plan was for the revamped WWE NXT to take over Florida Championship Wrestling's timeslot on The Bright House Network in Florida. The show has already began airing in international markets but it's interesting to note Vince McMahon has claimed for months there are new TV deals in place for both NXT and WWE Superstars in the United States. Other than that, no other details are available as of this writing.

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