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Chris Benoit Film, Kassius Ohno Call Up, Punk After Wrestling, Total Divas, Steroids & PEDs

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Total Divas Cast

Is the upcoming Chris Benoit biopic, Crossface, basically going to be a documentary? I've also heard Kurt Angle and Triple H are going to be a pretty big part of the movie, is that true?

The upcoming Chris Benoit biopic, Crossface, is based on the book "Ring of Hell: The Story of Chris Benoit and the Fall of the Pro Wrestling Industry" by Matthew Randazzo V. I read the book and can tell you I won't be watching the film. While well researched, it's not an objective look by any means. The author has a certain point of view and does his best to convince the reader to buy it. He blames Vince McMahon. He blames Benoit's training. He blames and blames and blames yet I just didn't buy it. You can't blame pro wrestling or Vince McMahon or anyone else for what happened with Chris Benoit. I don't know why Chris did what he did. I don't know what caused him to do what he did but I do know that to blame the business is wrong and incredibly shortsighted. No, I don't agree with everything Vince does but to put this on him isn't right either. I'm sure Triple H will be portrayed in the film but he isn't taking part. I haven't heard anything about Kurt Angle but it wouldn't be wise for any pro wrestler to take part in the film. There is an agenda here and it's agenda that blames the business over personal accountability.

Any update on the main roster call-up of Kassius Ohno?

Kassius Ohno has been on the short list for a main roster call-up several times in WWE yet it hasn't happened. We heard there was an issue regarding his weight training. Apparently he was asked to spend more time in the weight room and he took offense to it. There is a lot of frustration from Ohno about his status but so far the update is there is no update.

When CM Punk retires from the ring do you see him taking a position behind-the-scenes?

CM Punk says he's not a pro wrestling lifer and many feel like he'll "move on" once he's finished in the ring. I have a hard time seeing Punk working for Triple H behind-the-scenes in WWE after his in-ring career but you never know.

Why aren't divas like AJ Lee, Kaitlyn, Layla El, Tamina Snuka, and Alicia Fox in Total Divas? Is it because too many of the side stories of each diva would confuse the fans?

WWE and E worked together to put together a cast for the show and the names you mentioned just didn't make the cut. Both Eva Marie and Jo Jo Offerman were brought in specifically for the show. I can't say enough about the success of the show. While I haven't watched the 2nd episode yet, this is a good thing for WWE. They are expanding their demographic and growing the WWE brand. When they grow, we all benefit.

Are steroids and performance enhancing drugs still an issue in pro wrestling?

Absolutely steroids and performance enhancing drugs are still an issue in pro wrestling. Both TNA and WWE test and things have cleaned up to a certain extent but to act like the issue has been solved and these substances have been eradicated would be naive at best. The only way to completely eliminate steroids and PEDs would be to implement Olympic style drug testing and I'm not even sure that would completely solve it. All of the outrage and surprise over PEDs in baseball is pretty hilarious. It's a widespread issue that we've only begun to uncover.

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