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Chris Jericho's Return Gimmick, John Cena's Value Preventing Character Progression, Mysterio's Return Date, Edge/WWE HoF

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Obviously the Chris Jericho storyline is still developing...But is there going to be a woman involved somehow? Should we stop reading into anything else that was in the cryptic videos, especially with the girl that was in them?

I haven't heard of a female being involved in Chris Jericho's return gimmick in WWE. As far as I know the cryptic videos are over and done with and are now falling victim to too much analysis. The fact of the matter is WWE did a poor job in concealing the return of Jericho and had it not been for Jericho's emphatic denials on Twitter, we would have been able to provide 100% confirmation before it happened. While we were never able to provide that confirmation, we continuously reported the plan was to re-debut Jericho behind the videos.

Given John Cena's tremendous value to WWE, if you had someone bringing in that kind of money would you change it, even if it has become stale?

That's the quagmire Vince McMahon finds himself in every time they look at the John Cena character. While many have grown tired of the over-the-top babyface character, he continues to sell a lot of merchandise and his segments draw high ratings on weekly television. Why do you think WWE is now selling "Cena Sucks" merchandise? They're trying to collect on both ends and it is working. Real change to John Cena will occur when he's no longer a very strong venue stream for the company.

What time frame is Rey Mysterio projected to return? Is the Royal Rumble likely?

Everything I have heard is that Rey Mystertio is targeting Wrestlemania XXVIII as a possible return date. Here's a Tweet from Mysterio from early November:

" data-datetime="2011-11-07T18:09:25+00:00">November 7, 2011

I was wondering what are your thoughts on Edge going into the WWE Hall of Fame this year? Do you feel it is too soon or does he deserve to go in as a "first-ballot" Hall of Famer? Also, now that Edge was announced as well as the Four Horseman and rumors of The Rock possibly getting inducted this year as well, do you know who is going to be the headliner for this year's class?

Edge is the headliner for the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2012. I would be very surprised if The Rock were to be inducted this year given the fact he's already involved in Wrestlemania. I would think WWE would save The Rock's induction for a year where they could use his name as a promotional mechanism. Inducting him this year would waste a valuable opportunity to promote him again in the future. As for my thoughts on Edge, he is very deserving and I have no problem with him being "first-ballot" Hall of Famer.

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