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Christian Back To TNA?, Ryback As WWE Champion, WWE In 3D, Thoughts On WWE Main Event

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With Christian going to TNA's Bound For Glory PPV next Sunday and the fact that Christian hasn't been used in WWE lately, is there a possibility of Christian returning to TNA?

As we first reported here on Premium, Vince McMahon issued a directive in August that Christian was not to be prominently featured on WWE TV until after he had fulfilled his commitment with TNA Wrestling. While out, Christian underwent some type of outpatient surgical procedure and the news was leaked out so TNA couldn't accuse WWE of acting in bad faith. Monday morning word leaked out the scheduled appearance was in doubt. As for Christian returning to TNA, he is under WWE contract and didn't want to make the "tradeoff appearances" in the first place. I'm not saying he dislikes TNA but from everything I've heard, he's happy in WWE.

Do you see Ryback as WWE Champion?

While Ryback seems to be turning the corner as a viable main eventer, he's not ready to be WWE Champion. If he is added to John Cena vs. CM Punk [at Hell in a Cell] there are ways to utilize him, however, if he replaces Cena, it turns into a booking nightmare. The WWE Championship match at Hell in a Cell will likely be announced on this week’s Raw.

Does the WWE plan on testing out any 3D broadcasting in the near future?

WWE surveyed fans about 3D programming a couple years ago and were preparing to move forward, however, plans were halted with recent data that showed a slowdown in demand for 3D television. 3D is where HD was around 10 years ago in that it is available but not widely consumed. Should that change, and I expect it will, WWE will likely pursue plans to move forward. Right now, the majority of efforts are being spent on Vince McMahon's dream of the WWE Network.

Will WWE ever understand quality over quantity? I feel like WWE Main Event is going to end up just like WWE Superstars. Your thoughts?

The main event of last week's WWE Main Event was WWE Champion CM Punk vs. World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus. This week's main event is Randy Orton vs. Big Show. Not to sound condescending but those don't exactly sound like WWE Superstars matches. I understand what you are saying in that WWE starts shows out with strong cards as WWE Superstars started strong before becoming the forgettable broadcast it is today. However, we can't say WWE Main Event is "just like WWE Superstars" until it becomes less than what it is.

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