Christian's Return, WWE's Latest Game Changer, Antonio Cesaro Buried, Lesnar Damaged?

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WWE Performance Center

What is the status of Christian's return?

I've refrained from questions surrounding Christian because I don't have anything new. We were told in February that Christian was medically cleared to compete. He was part of Wrestlemania Axxess in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Apparently it's a situation where WWE is trying to find the right storyline for him. Other than that, we have nothing new.

Is the WWE Performance Center a copy of WCW's Power Plant?

The WWE Performance Center is the WCW Power Plant on steroids. Having a developmental facility is nothing new and something that has been done for decades. What is new is how impressive WWE's new facility will be. The WWE Performance Center, located in Orlando, Florida, is 26,000-square-feet and will feature seven wrestling rings in addition to its own strength-and-conditioning and physical-therapy areas. Not only will the facility be used to train up and coming talent but it will be a place where injured and rehabbing stars can go to prepare for their return. The pet project of Triple H, the WWE Performance Center is truly game-changing (pun intended).

Is Antonio Cesaro being punished by Vince McMahon because of CM Punk?

There was talk a couple of weeks ago that Antonio Cesaro was being humbled because of CM Punk's strong support for him and the rumblings about him being left off the Wrestlemania lineup. I don't know how much blame can be placed on Punk as this is just the way Vince reacted. I don't understand the point in building Antonio up, only to bury him out other than a good old fashion humbling.

A year ago we were eagerly awaiting the return of Brock Lesnar. A year later, which statistic do you find more surprising: the fact that he is 1-2 or the fact that he will soon be wrestling in his fourth match, three of which will be against a fellow part-timer in Triple H? Is WWE messing up a "can't miss" in their booking of Brock Lesnar?

The multiple matches against Triple H don't bother me as bad as the fact that Brock Lesnar is 1-2 in his three matches back in WWE. Clearly, WWE doesn't care about wins and losses and they don't seem to be as damaging as they once were, however, I categorically reject the way Lesnar has been booked. My only thinking is WWE is banking on Lesnar being a must-see spectacle rather than an unstoppable monster. A lot could have been rectified had they not fed Lesnar to John Cena right out of the gate at Extreme Rules last year.

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