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Christian's Status, Shane McMahon Back To WWE?, Undertaker vs. CM Punk, Lesnar-Royal Rumble, Rock's "Injury"

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Can we get an update on Christian? Is he still injured or could he possibly return at the Royal Rumble?

The last update I heard on Christian was he was targeting a return to WWE at the end of January. Obviously he'll be someone that people will speculate as a surprise Royal Rumble entrant but that's nothing more than obvious speculation.

Do you see Shane McMahon returning to WWE?

Shane McMahon has found success outside of WWE as he is the Chief Executive Officer of You On Demand. The company is publicly traded and you can find out more information here on Google Finance. As for Shane returning to WWE, anything is possible, but I don't really see it happening. Vince McMahon is grooming Triple H as his successor where he, along with Stephanie, will run the company. Shane admitted that his decision to leave WWE strained his relationship with his father but I admire him for having the courage to do it.

With Undertaker nearing the end of his career, is there any chance CM Punk can end "the streak" this year if the rumored match does take place?

This question requires a brief unpacking. The current plan is for Undertaker to defend his undefeated streak at Wrestlemania 29 this year. CM Punk has been mentioned as a rumored opponent but we do not have confirmation on that as of this writing. As for the question, there's always a chance but I'm against any scenario of "the streak" ending and feel Undertaker deserves the right to retire undefeated at Wrestlemania. Feel free to debate this on both sides in the comment area below. Is there a scenario you see that would benefit from Undertaker losing at Wrestlemania?

Do you see Brock Lesnar returning at the Royal Rumble (as a non-entrant) and costing Ryback a chance to win, setting up a match between the two at Wrestlemania?

Booking Brock Lesnar vs. Ryback would be more impossible than the already impossible situations they've put Ryback in with CM Punk. I would not favor this bout and can tell you it's not the current plan for Ryback at Wrestlemania this year. We do have the prosed plan here on As for Lesnar returning to WWE at Royal Rumble, it's possible but I'm not sure the company would be in favor of burning through one of Lesnar's dates without advertising it. The Rock and CM Punk is what WWE is banking on to sell Royal Rumble so there doesn't seem much of a payoff in bringing Lesnar back on Sunday night.

How legit is The Rock's injury?

The Rock's claim of "internal bleeding" is a work. He may have suffered a cut in the inside of his mouth (I haven't heard for sure), but he wasn't seriously injured by The Shield.

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