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Chyna's Damning Allegations, Wyatt, Fandango Forgotten, Demanding World Title Defenses

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Is it just me or does Chyna seem extremely jealous and bitter towards Stephanie McMahon and WWE?

What about Sean Waltman? She accused him of drugging her with GHB, abusing her physically and emotionally and then talked about his drug abuse (including using needles). The video blog we're talking about was posted Thursday here at Look, I'm not into victim bashing but after the things Chyna said, people are going to talk about the video. She makes a good point about Stephanie McMahon standing high and mighty against domestic violence when WWE has showcased anything but. I realize there's a difference between a contrived storyline and real-life but remember this is a company where the Chairman once forced a Diva on her hands and knees and had her bark like a dog in front of a sold out crowd. Any time WWE takes a stand against issues like bullying or domestic violence, they're going to take heat because of what they have on tape. I agree Chyna should let her issues against Stephanie and Hunter and whoever else go but she made some pretty damning allegations against Sean Waltman.

What are the plans for Bray Wyatt?

WWE is in the process of separating The Wyatt Family to push them out on their own. From what I've been told, there are big plans for Bray Wyatt. We'll see how WWE restarts on Bray because he's been lost since SummerSlam. I don't understand the logic behind pulling him from TV and burying him against Big Show on live events at a time when WWE needs star power in the worst way.

Why hasn't Fandango been featured on WWE TV lately?

Fandango is no longer a priority and has lost his spot on TV to other midcard gimmicks. He has been on the road in an enhancement role but nothing further. This is just the case of creative having nothing for a talent. There was initially a lot of optimism with Fandango, putting him over Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania 29 and his theme music getting over big in the weeks after. However, interest later cooled and so did Vince McMahon in terms of making him a midcard priority.

I have read your recent installments and the way you view Brock Lesnar as WWE World Heavyweight Champion. While I do agree with your assessment, I also feel the title is defended and switched too often. I personally feel the WWE World Heavyweight Champion should appear frequently but not defend every month. What are your thoughts?

There have only been three WWE World Heavyweight Champions this year and Daniel Bryan was stripped due to injury. In 2013, the belt was held by CM Punk, The Rock, John Cena, Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton. I personally do not feel that's switching the title too often. If WWE changed it every month -- or treated it like one of their midcard belts -- I would feel it was a problem. However, less than a handful of world title changes doesn't seem like too much to me. With only one world title and WWE treating every pay-per-view (there are 12) as a "must order event," is it really too much to ask that the top belt be defended? We're talking a minimum of 12 defenses over the course of a year. WWE fans are flooded with hours upon hours of content each week and now we've gotten to the point where we can't expect 12 title defenses? I'm sorry but I just completely disagree the world title is 1) switched too often or 2) defended too frequently.

It would be one thing if WWE had four TV shows and a pay-per-view each month but with Raw, Main Event, Superstars, NXT and Smackdown before even getting into Total Divas, YouTube content and WWE Network originals, it's imperative WWE utilize their most prized possession on a regular basis. This whole idea that fewer world title defenses makes the title more prestigious is asinine. Out of sight, out of mind; there's no other way to spin it.

From the Ask WNW vault…

February 2012: Could you see Santino Marella ever holding the WWE Championship or World Heavyweight Championship? Why or why not? - I do not consider Santino Marella world champion material. No disrespect to him but the character is a comedy gimmick that isn’t meant to be taken seriously as an in-ring performer. Randy Orton’s concussion provided WWE a chance to book Santino in the underdog role at Elimination Chamber but I don’t think anyone legitimately thought he was going to defend the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania. How he was booked on last night’s Raw Supershow against Daniel Bryan is more indicative of his position in the company. The rare thing about Santino is that he isn’t hurt by doing jobs because of how good he is on the mic.

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