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What Should Close SummerSlam, Hogan In WWE, LGBT Characters Must Be Done Right

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Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor

If you're booking Summerslam, what closes the show?

I would close the show with Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor for the newly minted WWE Universal Championship. As much as I hate the name and randomness of Raw’s new world championship, it would be a big step in “righting the ship” by having it headline a “big four” pay-per-view, especially for its inaugural match. I fear WWE will have Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar headline in a “battle of the brands” and the fact that Lesnar is seen as one of their top draws. Did you see what Dean Ambrose said [to Steve Austin] about his match against Lesnar at Wrestlemania 32? It was like pulling teeth and according to Ambrose, Lesnar didn’t want to do anything for the match. That doesn’t surprise me but I would just like to see Lesnar faded more into the background, especially with his failed drug tests, with a huge emphasis placed on Finn Balor. It’s time.

What was the point of hiring Jinder Mahal, if they didn't even have a plan in place to use him?

Jinder Mahal was brought back as an extra that Vince McMahon feels the WWE audience is familiar with. Don’t overanalyze the signings made to bolster the brands. I’m not saying they won’t ever hold more than an “extra” role but they’re more or less viewed as just that upon re-signing. Shelton Benjamin was in for more of an upper midcard push but that obviously ended when he failed his medical due to a torn rotator cuff.

Will Hulk Hogan ever return to WWE and have his one last match at Wrestlemania that he so badly wants?

I believe Hulk Hogan will return to WWE television at some point but I do not think it will be as a wrestler in any capacity. Neither Vince McMahon nor Triple H want Hogan wrestling but both understand how important he is from a marketability standpoint. Hogan’s name has already come up after this latest scandal and I fully expect WWE to do something with him again, the only thing I can’t say for sure is when it will be.

What are your thoughts on WWE integrating LGBT characters into their programming in the near future?

WWE has had LGBT influenced characters before and they were bad stereotypes. I am all for WWE integrating LGBT characters but I do not want them to be bad stereotypes used for comedic relief. While I’m ordinarily 100% against the company exploiting someone’s personal life, they’ve had a golden opportunity to integrate Darren Young as the first openly-gay WWE star but have not taken advantage of it. Obviously they would have to work closely with him to make sure it was done properly but I believe an opportunity was missed with him.

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