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CM Punk Getting Colt Cabana A Job, Why We Redesigned The Site, Brock Lesnar On Raw, Change In Sheamus' Status?

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Now that CM Punk has a lot of backstage influence, do you see him trying to bring back Colt Cabana a/k/a Scotty Goldman?

CM Punk attempted to get Colt Cabana re-hired during his contract negotiations with WWE last year. Cabana was given a tryout match but wasn't hired. Punk has considerable influence backstage and is seen as the reason why Paul Heyman is in the position he is in so I can't give you a clear explanation as to why Cabana is not with WWE.

Can you briefly detail the redesign of the website?

We redesigned the website so it would be responsive depending on the device in which you use to read it. For example, if you are viewing on your smart phone or tablet, the device automatically recognizes this and resizes the website so you can read it. Our old design used to deliver a separate "mobile-friendly" or "tablet-friendly" design, not only was this hard on our server but it altered the website so all features were not available. Now no matter where you read you can be assured you have the full website and not a stripped down version.

When should we expect Brock Lesnar back on WWE Raw?

WWE won't have Brock Lesnar on Raw until they plan on using him for another pay-per-view match. The talk was that he would work Survivor Series but given the fact he didn't appear last week and the company is overseas for two weeks, that appears to be less-likely. He could always be used on the 11/12 episode of Raw, the go-home to Survivor Series, but a one week build would be illogical.

Was the decision to take the World Heavyweight Championship off Sheamus a sign WWE is losing faith in his ability to carry Smackdown?

No, the decision to take the World Heavyweight Championship off Sheamus was a call from creative and not any type of punishment or change in his status backstage. Triple H sees Sheamus as one of the future faces of WWE and while not everyone is as high up on him, he is still a main event talent despite losing the title. There are plans for his program with Big Show to continue into a match at Survivor Series.

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